Am I missing something?

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  1. I browse fashionphile sometimes and noticed that they have listed Neverfull MM over retail price. One recent bag is listed at 1595. The new one is 1320 and even including tax it is much less than 1595 assuming few people might not have to pay tax at fashionphile. I can understand this over retail for limited edition or hard to find pieces like mini pochette, toiletry, PM etc but neverfull is always add is cart.
    Am I missing anything here? Does Neo neverfull means something diff than neverfull? nf.JPG nf_site.JPG
  2. No, you’re not missing anything. The Neo Neverfull is just the new model. Fashionphile is just capitalizing off unsuspecting buyers who may not know how much they can purchase it new direct from LV.
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  3. Wait, they changed the Neverfull again or this is just the one with the pouch that they introduced a couple years ago?
  4. It’s the one with a pouch.
  5. Thank you, I am surprised that someone wanting to buy an LV bag will not do the basic research and buy from there. But if Fashionphile is listing them at that price, then they might be selling at that price. Sounds insane!!
  6. I was also surprised to se win our local website (just like FASHIONPHILE) The Luxury Closet selling the Neverfull above retail without the pouch...(by the way they ship internationally)
    I’m curious to know who will buy it for that price...
    Nevertheless I shop frequently with them and just manage to score multicolour zippy coin purse for 208 usd in a great close to new condition.
  7. I noticed this too and figure it's because it's Made in France, rather than USA.
  8. Yes, it’s the one with the pouch.
  9. Is there any diff between Made in USA and Made in France piece?
  10. I also wonder if sometimes things are marked up because the person who owns the item wants what they paid for it and the mark up is basically what Fashionphile charges?

    Either way, I think it's a bit ridiculous.
  11. No. But I know, as someone who lives in Canada and usually received MIU just because of distribution, I prefer MIF. And yes, that's a little crazy. :whut:
  12. Thats not the reason. There are others made in USA that are priced even higher. It’s ludicrous people are this stupid or uninformed to pay this much over retail for something that could otherwise be purchased directly in the boutique or on for less money.
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  13. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one confused by this. I was looking at the Nice BB last night and went to see if I could a decent deal on a preloved one. Boy was I surprised, they're currently place in cart on the Canadian website for $1050cdn Fashionfile had them in good condition for $1050usd and up. I kind of understand when it's an item that's constantly out of stock but it when I can buy it new for cheaper.
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