Am I missing something? Gustto, AC, Mulberry websites

  1. Hi!

    Am I missing something here? I try to go to these websites and I just can't get in to them. I mean, the title page comes up, and I see 'GUSTTO', but there's nothing to click on, no bags to ogle over etc. Same with Anna Corinna and Mulberry. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Are you, by any chance, trying to access them through AOL? If so, start your AOL connection, minimize it, and open/use Internet Explorer as your browser, rather than AOL's software.

    Let me know if that works.

    Otherwise - check your security settings; you may need to add those web sites to Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer.
  3. The Foley+Corinna site has always just been a picture with nothing else. Gustto used to be the same, but looks like they have a new website up now. It's working for me. Same with Mulberry (though you have to type in, for some reason just doesn't work for me).
  4. Thanks for both of your replies! I wasn't using AOL, but I did change my security settings on IE from Medium-High to just medium. I did end up getting into the Gustto site. But after I entered, there was nothing there except a slide show of the holiday collection, is that all there is? Also for Mulberry, all that shows up is two models with bags and snow falling. I see writing that says fall/winter collection, but I cannot click on them. Hummph. Thanks for your help ladies!