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Sep 8, 2008
Hi everyone,
I was wondering if any of you could help me pleeeeease, I'm in a state of confusion lol :confused1: I have in my possesion a " Prada " hand bag .... Now I'll be honest from the start I know absolutely nothing about hand bags but like half the population have heard Prada, Gucci LV etc.

I have read many conflicting pieces of info on how to tell if a bag is a fake. If I give a description of the bag would any body be able to jump in and give me their thoughts ?

The bag is made of brown leather, the stitching is immaculate, on the front of the bag there is a triangle tag that reads PRADA underneath in small letters milano then a little banner that says DAL 1913.

On the inside of the bag is a square plate that reads PRADA again milano underneath and then in small block "MADE IN ITALY".

It does not have PRADA written on the lining but has on the magnitised clip it has I'm guessing it's a serial number :shrugs:
In part reads OKPTA1519426 .

I hope some one can help me so I dont keep wondering... Any help is appreciated. :tup: Have a great night.

Lucky :nuts:
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