Am I losing it?

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  1. Hopefully someone else can relate, or else I really am losing it :wacko:

    So I work with one of my ex-boyfriends, and we have (and had) a very rocky relationship. We dated last year and I was really in love with him, but I shouldn't have been! He was a jerk, an interesting jerk, but a jerk nonetheless. Anyway, after we broke up he literally told me that he'd only dated me because he got an ego boost out of showing me off in public and liked that I was nice to him. He was NOT nice to me :hrmm: Live and learn, yo. Anyway, we broke up last fall and have had a very rocky relationship since, culminating in a fight last winter which has apparently left us mortal enemies. At least he looks at me like he wants me to DIE every time he sees me. I've just been ignoring the situation. I've got a very sweet boyfriend now who is fantastic to me and I rarely see old jerky boyfriend anyway.

    But yesterday I found out my ex-boyfriend is moving to the east coast this summer. I should feel relieved, I mean, all this guy ever does is make me uncomfortable or mad. But I'm sad. I really am. And I don't have any reason to be. In a way I'll sort of miss him. It doesn't make sense! Can anyone relate?
  2. My best friend dated a jerk for about 4 years. He treated her terrible and I could not understand why she took it. She left a abusive marriage and dated then got involved with this guy. UGH.... I was so happy when he moved, if only a few towns away from her. They broke up and she still missed him. It took her quite awhile to realize that he was a jerk and she went on with her life. He was younger than her and used her to annoy his wealthy parents. It was like a soap opera. I think what you are feeling is normal but you are wise enough to realize that he is a jerk and you know have a life. Move on and don't look back:biggrin: .
  3. Well hun,
    you wanted honesty right? Yeah, youve lost your mind! Forget about him. Be happy for the sweet guy in your life now.
  4. Oh dear... what can I say... we're suckers for bad boys (at least I sort of am :sad: ). I've had an ex cheat on me and then have the nerve to tell me to "leave him alone for a while" when I demanded an explanation -- which was the last time I heard from him. This has been a few years ago now, but back then I was absolutely devastated (seriously I think I didn't eat for like a week!) and seriously thought that I may even forgive him if he came back. After a while though, I came to my sense and thanked God that it ended when it did before the relationship dragged me down even more. However, that ex got married (yes to the SAME one he cheated on me with) last year and surprisngly I felt really really sad... I don't think anyone can really explain why and I sure as hell don't know. But I do know that I am better off without him in my life -- and you probably are too! Cheer up hunnie!!! ;)
  5. As much as u say u hate his gutz ...there is a tiny feeling that u still like him........U have yet to heal , becasue he has still been around. But give it time , he will be a thing of the past , and beside u have a sweet beau now

    And YES you are losing it .........
  6. Take this advice. Look back on that relationship only to determine what you will not tolerate in your next. ;)
  7. yah, i like bad boys too... hehehhe... However, they don't always treat us right.:suspiciou
    I think it's ok that you are sad a little, just b/c he's moving away. But don't be sad too long cuz he doesn't really deserve that. You should be happy w/your current sweet lover.;)
  8. Thanks for all the advice, ladies, you all are right of course, thanks for the virtual wake up call :biggrin: I do sometimes wish that the ex and I could be friends, but I think that is the equivalent of wishing that the ex would become a whole other person! But since reading the thread I've been thinking about how much I adore my new boyfriend and all the nostalgia over old boyfriend has faded away. Thanks again, Purseforum has the coolest members :P
  9. Bad boys are fun, and we do miss the thrill, but that's it, the thrill. Better to blow the time on a roller coaster with your new guy! :love:
    And congratulations for being so strong!It's a far better lesson to carry with you in life than the alternative.:amuse:
  10. I agree that its all about the thrill. I can kind of relate, I dated a jerk for a VERY short period of time, yet it was still interesting when we ran into each other. About 6 months ago he had a heart attack because of a birth defect he didn't know about, and now he is brain dead, and it made me really upset knowing i would never be able to talk to him again like we use to.
  11. i agree with everybody that alot of us just tend to like bad boys, and i know it's strange but i tend ot be drawn to guys that don't treat me well?.........maybe it's some kinda sick attachment i dunno but i say thank goodness he's leaving so you can get on with your life and never think about the creep again :lol: cuz you obviously deserve way better and have found it...
  12. Maybe there was a thrill factor there and that is all... I can understand where you are coming from- but logically it makes no sense! You have a sweet heart now and this jerk will move away

    I want to reinforce LOGICALLY... our head and heart and gut always pull different ways and it bothers me!!!
  13. I understand. I miss the guy that stole $1500 in cash from me. Go figure.
  14. ditto.
  15. Just remember "out of sight out of mind"