Am I loosing my mind?????

  1. Ok, let me preface this by saying.....This may come off as a "*****y" rant, however, I am any minute waiting for the monthy "visit" :sad: , have a SPLITTING headace, and feel alltogether horrible, but......

    Went to my son's Open House tonight at school. Took the Monogram Lockit with me which still doesn't have any resemblance to a patina much at all yet (I credit Shining Monkey). Ok, there were like 200 people there, all crowed around each other and everyone kept bumping into my bag!! Little kids, adults, everyone!!!! At one point, I put it on a table while the principal was talking and a little kid was putting his (dirty) hand near it and was coming closer and closer and I thought I was gonna freaking die right there in the seat!! I couldn't even hear what the principal was saying cause I was too nervous over what this kid was gonna do to my bag!!!! (Not MY kids, they know to NEVER go NEAR mommy's bag) (hee hee) So, then we go into the classroom and again, people just bumping my bag left and right, I was sweating, headache, feeling crapy and I just wanted to scream outloud to these people......"WOULD YOU PLEASE GET THE F*** AWAY FROM MY BAG!!!"

    That's crazy isn't it? It is. I think it is. I go somewhere and all I can think about is "stay away from the Louis".

    Do any of you ever have experiences like this?? Does anybody feel the same way?? Please tell me I'm not the only one.......:sad: :sad:
  2. LMAO! I am not the same but you made me crack up! I do understand how you feel and where you are coming from tho.

    However, I am not very worried about my bags. I understand that they are going to get damaged no matter what but I am just that kinda person!

    I swear the more you worry about it the more stuff happens to the bag!!
  3. No you are not the only one! I was carrying my mono speedy to my daughter's class picnic and I had it sitting on the ground (*gasp*) because there was literally no room on the table or on the bench. One little boy came walking by with a cup of red jello that he was about to dump and all I could think was "if this kid doesn't get away from my bag I am going to scream". Luckily he did move away and my speedy was fine. I hate to be all bag paranoid when I am out with my purse.. I don't want others to think I am as purse obsessed as I really am lol. I have learned though in situations like this, it is probably best for me to carry a lesser purse even though I really hate to do that. I do feel your pain though!
  4. :yes: :lol: That has been my experience.
    I swear open houses are the worst, why are people raising such rude kids?? Never touch anything that doesn't belong to hard is that to teach a child? My kids [& probably most tof members kids] know better.
  5. I feel you! I bought a pair of white suede Louis shoes. (Avatar) and it was a nightmare the first time I was wearing them, I was sooo paranoid. I attempted to skip around the crap that is found on London streets and "foot traffic" to no avail though. Some scumbag on the train stepped all over my right foot, needless to say I spent some time with the suede rubber that night.
  6. At the airport these 2 rude girls, proably 16 or younger bumped into my bag like clearly saw me standing there and were talking my mc keepall, $2400! so I go um can you watch where your walking? they were in line behind me so they walked near the end of the line, bumped into me and then got behind me okay so were on the same page now lol, and she goes it's just a bag... i gave her the death look! I wanted to yell JUST A BAG!!! ARE YOU INSANE!!! but i kept my cool and me being the bigger person, I walked away before I lost it
  7. :devil: It's just a bag!!!! :wtf:
  8. LOL..oh Traci, you are not over reacting...sometime it's amazed me how "easy" some parents are to their kids. I guess damier/epi is the safe one to carry around children..well not so well behaved children.
  9. I think you are perfectly normal. :yahoo:
  10. LOL I can understand your fears :P
  11. Haha, I get like that too. I just don't like it when people invade my personal space...and my bag's personal space :cursing:
  12. You're NOT ALONE!!

    I go through that ALL THE TIME!! And I FEEL and I KNOW that I'm being SUCH A SUPERFICIAL, VAIN AND SELFISH *****, but I'm not sure how else to act or handle these situations:hysteric:

    I don't have any children myself, so I'm not used to having to worry about that, so when I go to a friend's house and there are kids around, I start to freak and WATCH my bag like a HAWK, and then I keep moving it from place where I think they won't be able to reach it.

    I feel so guilty!! Even when adults, maybe a waiter or waitress at a restaurant, tries to help and maybe touches my bag with "not so clean" hands, I FREAK! Not so much on the outside (I don't usually say anything although I think everyone can tell by my BODY LANGUAGE which I can't help), but on the inside I FREAK THE HELL OUT!! I'm like "STEP AWAY FROM THE LV HANDBAG!!" And I think that's RIDICULOUS!

    I really believe it's WRONG to act or even FEEL that way...But it's just involuntary...

  13. LOL! You are not losing your mind. I've been in the same situation far too many times. I hate it when people and kids just crash into you or crowd you. Unruly kids are the worst. Someone posted in the general forum about a horrid child running all over the place without looking and he crashed into her purse(the woman was standing still at the checkout). The child then turned to her and said something like, "See! That's why you shouldn't carry a purse". The Pfer responded by saying, "That's why you should look where you are going." LOL! The child then brought his parent over and said, "That woman hurt me". LOL. Thankfully, her purse was ok. I wish I could find the thread so I could post the link here.
  14. Yes, both of my children know better! I can't stand unruly kids! AGH!!!
  15.'re on the PF...of course we're all like you LOL