Am I looking for a unicorn ?

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  1. A birkin 25 in ostrich leather has been on my wishlist for a long time. My local store said they didn't get any birkin 25 in ostrich in 2018. And they are not going too get any this season . Also all resellers sell preloved b25 ostrich , no new bags . Also my SA tried to explain to me that hermes stoped producing ostrich b25 because ostrich leather can be cut and made into a b30 or k 25/28 easily and still look good and firm. And that was not the case with b25 where it is harder to craft the bag because the size is too small .

    So I am asking : Am I chasing a unicorn ? have you seen any brand new c stamp ostrich b25 ?
  2. Thank you for starting this thread! I have the very same question in mind too... been wanting an ostrich B25 but never ever saw one.
    Why are there ostrich K20s and other mini bags but just not B25? I am very eager to know too :smile:
  3. Might be possible that B25 Ostrich specifically was not offered for Podium Orders. As your store isn't getting any perhaps you could request for a Special Order/ A La Carte. You can then order what you love.
  4. you are welcome :biggrin: if you've asked me 8 years ago , when I was so obsessed with violet ostrich b30 , I would've said b25 whaaaa ..?? but now I find size 30 big on me , I am 5"1( 156) and can't wear high heels all the time , it still looks good on me but I am afraid I'll regret buying it in size 30 . I already have an ostrich Kelly 25 , and I don't want another Kelly ostrich .
  5. yes I think that's what my SA tried to tell me " that B25 Ostrich specifically was not offered for Podium Orders" . I was offered a Special Order mid November 2018 for normal leather only . So I hope I can place another SO in ostrich next time .
  6. Good news is that ostrich is now listed under the "regular" SO leathers, hope you get to SO your B25 soon, what color are you thinking? It surely will be a stunning unicorn!
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  7. really ? I asked them before making the SO if I can make it in exotic leather and they said no . But now I am wondering why did't I ask while making the SO if I can make it in Ostrich :sad: hopefully next time . As for colors maybe blue iris or and of the grays , one color or both of them together :biggrin::biggrin:
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    Love blue iris!!
    You can see the current SO colors here and ostrich is under classic skins~
  9. yes I saw it when I made my SO in mid November 2018 . I was so excited that I got picked to place a spacial order . I asked beforehand if I can place my order in ostrich they said no . Now I regretted not asking them again the moment they gave my this list and before making the SO . I was looking for togo anemone but it was not there only in swift . I think what made me make it in normal leather that in the beginning of October I bought a Kelly 25 ostrich that wreaked me financially :biggrin::biggrin: . So the thought of paying the same amount up front after a month and a half is impossible :hrmm: .

    hopefully I can place another SO for 2020 :flowers: me and you both :heart:
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  10. Thank you dear! I hope there will be more choices for 2020, specifically hoping Bleu De Malte will come back:heart:
    And please show us your SO when it arrives!!
  11. Me to I love Bleu De Malte , I hope it will arrive by September 2019 , hopefully :doh:. And sure I'll make a reveal thread here .
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