Am I just too stupid to own a Kooba?

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  1. Got my new "Annie" in oak last week. I took her out for a test drive on Friday and met my daughter for lunch. During the lunch I noticed that some juice from my sandwich had dripped on my Kooba! It immediately made a dark spot I was sort of panicked. There was a guy at a nearby kiosk demonstrating some natural leather cleaners so I let him try to clean the spot. It doesn't look as bad a day later but it's still kind of there. Fortunately it's a "vintage" leather look so things sort of blend in. I've never had a leather handbag soil so easily and this is a fairly dark color. Do I need to treat this puppy with kid gloves? I really wanted this to be my workhorse bag--I don't think I will enjoy it if is gets yucked up this easily. How do you all deal with this? It's like this leather is like no other--just soaks up soil like a sponge. I hope you all don't get mad at me for saying this but can't they treat this leather in a way that makes it usable? I have a beautiful butter soft handmade leather bag I bought in Italy last year and the leather is beautiful AND durable.

    So what do you all do? Can I scotchguard the bag or put something else on to make it somewhat waterproof?

    My other complaint is the lack of finishing details on this bag--the lining is suede-like and rather cheap in my opinion. They couldn't even bother to put in a ring to attach your keys to! The outside pockets would have been great with magnetic closures. I would be pretty upset to have my cell phone , etc slide out. I would expect much greater craftsmanship with this price tag.

    I do love the looks of the bag, it's a perfect size and it's hard to find a stylish messenger bag so in that respect I am really kind of crazy about this handbag. But at this rate I feel like the oil from my fingers will eventually stain this bag even if I'm super careful with it--any suggestions from you Kooba experts out there?
  2. Here is the bag from NM website, not my actual bag.
  3. ooh, i'm sorrt to hear that :sad:
    i never have a kooba so i can't give u any words about the bag. but i admit, they ave a few great design with a quite affordable price.
    although if like what u say the craftmanship is not good, 500$ seems like a lot to pay.
  4. I have had zero problem with leather care on any of my 3 Koobas.

    When I first get them, before even using them, I spray a leather protectant bought from Wilson's leather. There are many very good brands but buy only from a quality leather store or shoe repair shop.

    And I adore the styling of your Annie.
  5. Well I wish someone had suggested the leather protectant before I used the bag. I've just never experienced a bag so fragile.

    Do you think any type of quality leather spray is ok? Has anybody used leather CPR on their bags?

    Oh and I too love the styling on the bag and still would have bought it, just wish I would have known about the delicate leather.
  6. Maybe Koobas just aren't for you. It's really important to map out what your "musts" are for a bag before you buy. Like the need for closures on pockets and the lining (which some people love on Koobas and some don't). All leathers aren't indestructable. Depending on what the sandwich juice was, if it was an oil based juice, that would soak into almost any bag. I have over a dozen Koobas. I don't treat any with kid gloves and they stand the test of time (although I've never had an Annie). I don't remember you asking about the leather on the bag when you bought it, but it's a matter of preference. I don't treat my leather bags at first and some do.
  7. By anybody's standards the lining and inside of this Kooba and others I've seen are nothing to write home about. I based my decision to purchase mostly on the size, color, style and most of all long strap of this bag which is very difficult to find. I absolutely love the styling and long strap on this bag, more so than any other bag I've seen recently and am happy that I purchased it. Short of designing my own bag I don't think I'll ever get everything I want in a bag. However, I do call a spade a spade and the interior of this bag is nothing to write home about and for a few extra dollars they could have made the interior special.

    But my major concern is how easily the leather soils and I would like to hear from other Kooba owners how they protect the leather.
  8. I have the Brynne in Oak, so we both have very similiar bags. I respectfully disagree about the craftmanship, IMO it it *very* well made. An oil stain would damage almost any leather. I'm hardly gentle on my bag, and it still shows hardly an signs of wear. And the interior is microfiber, which is much lighter and more stain-resistant than suede. The stains you have probably aren't as bad as you think, and I think over time, the leather will continue to look nice and vintage. If you're paranoid about accidents though, I hear good things about Dooney's All-Weather Leather.
  9. I have the Nisha in Moss green, the Frankie in cream and am planning on the Elisha in red. Light as my bags are-I've had no issues with them. My bags are quality through and through-even the suede lining-which IS suede and not microfiber. Where did you buy your bag from? I hope it was a reputable sight and not eBay-because there are fake Koobas out there.:crybaby:
  10. boo i'm so sorry to hear that i really want a kooba i hope that doesn't happen to me.
  11. Kooba's don't use Suede Lining, I think it is Microfiber. Besides I like my Koobas with a little bit of wear and tear.
  12. JNH14 - Maybe some Koobas are different, but mine (and probably Shappy's) *is* microfiber. I have the same fabric on everything from blankets to couches, so I know exactly what it feels like. I am well aware of fake Koobas, which is why I got mine from Bergdorf's.
  13. Most of the websites used to call their lining "UltraSuede". Not sure what that is exactly but that is what was listed on all of their newer bags. Until this Spring and canvas linings are back in some bags.

    I would describe it as "suede like" but a lighter softer feel. I have a microfiber coat and it's not quite like that either. It's kind it's own thing.
  14. The lining is microfiber. I bought from eLuxury so I don't think it's a fake! I do not buy from eBay.

    You are probably right, the leather is "vintage" and will probably look ok. The color is beautiful and the Brynne is exactly the same bag just a different style.

    Do you think any leather sprays would protect the leather?

    No, I do not want a Dooney.