Am I just really clumsy? (Muse Two closure)

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  1. Muse Two, me and DH went to Paris for a few days and I found myself promoting DH to 'wingman' when it came to closing up the M2.
    In shops it wasn't too bad as I could set her down and do her up but when walking, as stuff needed to go in and out, I needed DH to hold her so I could close her up. I found it quite tricky to do so myself with her dangling off my arm.

    Is there a trick to it? Or is the closure really only pretty but not too practical?
  2. Agreed, it is too hard to close the bag when it's just dangling on your arm. I often have to stop and at set it on something (even on my leg helps)
  3. I am jsut about to post the same thing as it is my first time taking my Muse 2 out today..

    find the main closure does not hold, so it slide open all the time.. .does any of your muse2 main closure get a good hold? or slide open easlier? :confused1:
  4. Mine holds extremely well, I do need to put a little force into it when I need her to open on the move. I prefer that to it being too loose though.
  5. #6 Jul 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2009
    ^^^thank Miumiow..

    does that mean mine is "defective"... I just look at the closure.. the little loop inside does not spring... :shrugs: does it look right?

    sighz... I don't have a YSL boutique in my country!!!

  6. Exactly my experience!
  7. IMO I think the reason people buy the YSL Muse two bag over the Bayswater Mulberry bag is because they like the softness of the bag and the casual slouch. I think it is meant to give a casual feel unlike the stiff Kelly Hermes bag which costs thousands of dollars. It depends on your needs! I am a casual person and have worked in law firms and offices and stuck to my casual attire and still look very kempt and put together! So it depends on your style. As far as the closure, when I tried the bag on in the store, I, too, had a problem closing it, but if you place it down, it is that much easier. Good luck!