Am I just paranoid??? really worried with all the stories

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  1. Hi there

    I hope I am being paranoid but just wanted to run something past all you experts. I sold 3 bags to a woman in the US (sending from the UK) even though I said in my listings it was UK only she bid on all three last minute. She has only feedback of 9 and I tend to think that I should give the benefit of the doubt so I said I would send them but it would cost around 70 pounds GBP as I wanted to courier them and not just send them International Delivery. It took her a number of days to come back to me after mails to her and she agreed (she did have a bit of attitude in the mails). I sent them to her and had confirmation 3 days ago that they arrived. I have emailed her to get her to confirm she received them and that we should exchange feedback, nothing, I have chased everday since then, nothing. I guess I may be worrying needlessly but with all these Paypal stories of them taking money back out your account plus the fact her low feedback and no response to email I am getting a wee tad scared. Can anyone ease my worry? What could I do next to protect myself? The value of the sale is 1,500 dollars.
  2. Maybe she is away ? This is afterall the holiday season and many people are travelling ? ;)
  3. Hi Sans - I hope so, I really do. Although at the beginning of the week she was desperate to get her bags so I thought I would have at least heard from her that she had them.
  4. I understand why you are worrying but I always work on the basis that no new is good news! I mean if she was desperate to get the bags then I am sure you would have heard if they had not arrived. Buyers like that really frustrate me. You go out of your way to post things are per their demands and then you expect them to let you know they have arrived and nothing!! At least you have tracking so you can cover yourself. I wouldn't worry at this stage and it is true that alot of people are away and mega busy at this time of the year! :yes:
  5. As long as you can prove that you shipped the items and they were delivered, you should have no problem. Make sure you hang on to all your receipts just in case something comes up later.
  6. I would not bother her or email her again regarding feedback, you will just get her annoyed. Just let it be and remove the funds out of your Paypal account just in case.
    I find it quite rude when people overseas bid on a item when you say UK only and do not email to ask you first, but I would just let it go, you have confirmation that she received them so leave it at that.
  7. Thanks guys.. Yip I will go on your advice and not bother her again. Just hope fingers crossed that she doesn't try something later on. Thanks again - I'd be lost at times without this place!!!!
  8. For future reference, you can block bidders from countries you don't ship to. Just go into your sellers preferences.
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