Am I just over-reacting????

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  1. This is not a rant, maybe more on venting my frustrations and hopefully hears some honest advice from all of you Hermes experts. Please bear with me as I just wanted to let this thing boiling inside me out to those who can understand and empathize on how I am feeling right now. I have been going to my local H store since 2010 and was lucky enough to have met a really great SA. She was very accommodating and proactive in getting all the H items that I wanted including my B. I have been very loyal to this H store mainly because I love going to my SA, she is such a sweetheart. She had a baby last year and decided to stop working for a while. I am really not happy about this unfortunate event (unfortunate for me only), but I understand her decision as I am a mother as well. So during the holidays, my DH wanted to give me something from H so he started talking to this SA who helped him in couple occasions prior to us meeting our H angel. So she knows us and sees us coming in the store purchasing items here and there. So my DH decided to ask her to look for an Evelyne in the size and color that I want. My husband couldn’t keep this secret from me so he mentioned that he wanted to gift me with an Evelyne. I was ecstatic of course, so I thanked him and dreamily mentioned how much I wished they would call me for my K (which I had mentioned to my SA prior to her departure). So my DH went back to the store a few weeks later to let her know of my desire to get a K and the colors and HW that I am interested in. My first color choices were Graphite or Etain in GW, so my DH communicated this to her and the first thing she told him was “it is going to take a loooong time for any K’s to come in” (emphasizing the long time) which sounded to me like she just doesn’t want to sell us any K. My previous SA got me my B after two weeks of me asking her (hence the reason I loved her). So that news kind of broke my heart, although I was expecting for her to say that they don’t have any in the store at this moment, I just probably, wasn’t prepared for the tone of impossibility in her voice. Even though I was disappointed, I still stopped by the store, a couple of times to see if they have some of the small items that I have been wanting. She was able to sell me a CDC in RC with GHW (which I absolutely loved). And this week, prior to the leather price increase, my DH came back from a long trip and stopped by the store one more time to get a Valentine’s Day present for me and was told that the Evelyne he asked for during the holidays is finally in, so he bought that, and of course just like any great DH, he asked about the K and received the same answer from her “It’s going to take a loooong time”. This just breaks my heart and has been very anxious to get my K. What do you guys think, am I just over reacting about what she said and keep waiting for her to call, or should I start looking somewhere else? Somehow, I felt let down and I’m seriously losing sleep over this. How long did you have to wait for your SA to call you for your items (specifically K or B)? Thanks for letting me vent.:cry:
  2. For the time being, enjoy your Evelyne ! A least you have some nice bag to enjoy and this will get you back in a good mood.
    Once you are on track in a good mood, go back to your store and ask again for your K. Don't give up...
  3. I wouldn't worry. It takes forever to get Kelly bags from H stores. If you are desperate for a Kelly you could always get one from a reseller or just be patient.
  4. Thank you for the reassurance. I do think i'm being a little impatient, i guess i got used to my previous SA being so efficient and got me my B so quickly. I really don't want to go to resellers as I am not comfortable going to that avenue.

    Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it.
  5. You have an amazing Birkin and an Evelyne to go along with it. I can understand your frustration but its nothing to loose sleep over as you stated. Enjoy what you have.
  6. It sounds like an issue of expectation. You got great results with your last SA and now with the new SA you are having a different experience and it is hard to accept. Don't lose sleep over this; it is just a purse! Just work on developing your relationship with your new SA and don't press the K point too often. Or start a new relationship with a new SA. Good luck!
  7. B is easier to get than K and its not easy to a B, so I think your Angel has been really an Angel to get you one B in 2 weeks time and that kind of 'spoilt' you. Some waited years before they gets theirs. I think it will come but not 2 weeks time.
  8. Yes, enjoy your current Hermes bags! I want to give my opinion here.

    First of all, in the more localized US stores (not NYC), getting a Kelly is more difficult than getting a Birkin based on my experience. I had been offered many birkins but when I asked my SA for a Kelly. She said its harder to get. I guess her customer list on Kelly is too long and my purchase history/amount is not good enough for her to pump me to the frontline. That is just what I guessed. Well, I haven't been able to get any Kelly from a US store yet.

    Secondly, I think you got the wrong SA after your H angel quit her job. Your current SA might not be the right person to shop with. I don't have a better advice. But maybe see if you can talk to the managing director when you visit your store next time. Tell him/her that you have bought a lot from the store. Tell the director you want to be on the list for a Kelly. The director has the control over what to allocate to SA.

    Overall, it's getting harder and harder to get Kelly and birkin. 2014 should be harder than 2013. I can sense that.
  9. I know how frustrating Hermes can be; it takes patience to get the bag you want. Enjoy your Birkin and Evelyne in the meantime. You are lucky that your DH is supportive of your H habit, it took mine a long time to understand it.

    Kellys are extremely difficult to find, and I think that trend will continue.

    The only place that I've seen people get Kellys are at FSH. That's where I got mine last May. Of course there are no guarantees that you will be offered what you want, but you'll get a trip to Paris. And if the exchange rate is good, you might get it at a great price, too.

    If you get impatient and find one through a reseller, make sure you get it authenticated first.
  10. I saw someone picking up a goooorgeous K at the Tysons Corner, VA H. No idea on the backstory though!

    jing bbag, I sure feel for you. I had a beloved SA retire, and it's frustrating. You have to find someone else to trust, who you believe is actually trying to take care of you and not blow you off... hard.
  11. Enjoy your Evelyn. I've been told by several SAs in different cities across Canada and US that there haven't been as many K available as B, especially in smaller sizes during the past couple of years. One said only a few came in for the entire year (not sure how many "a few" is). I decided to go the reseller route and picked out the size, color, HW that I wanted so no need to anxiously wait for one. If one ever offered to me or I luck out and bump into one during my travels then I'd be more than thrilled to get another K regardless of color and size (unless it's 40 then it's way too big for me).
  12. I agree that you shouldn't lose sleep over this. You have a birkin, a new Evelyn, accessories and a very understanding hubby. Enjoy what you have and the Kelly will come.

    I also agree with the PP poster who said that your expectations were set with B, most people do wait years for their holy grail bags. It just might be that you are "not feeling" the new SA which is why you might be making this a big deal. Perhaps it's time for a new SA.
  13. Ks are even harder to come by so I think the SA is just being pragmatic. The reason that you got the B and had only a 2 week wait could be due to the bag already in the store. Sometimes, it may be on hold by another SA who is waiting for their customers to pick up but then it could be declined and then your SA got to sell it to you instead. From what I know, SA has to take turns to get their Bs & Ks since there is never enough. Or your SA may also know that the B happened to be arriving so she got the approval from the SM to sell it to you.

    Your ask of a specific color and hardware will need a lot of patience. If you're just asking for a K and be open minded about the color, you may not need to wait too long but then again, a K is harder to come by than a B nowadays.

    Enjoy your new Evelyne in the meantime.
  14. enjoy your evelyn and maybe you'll be lucky when you travel and score a K in your desired combi! I did hear from my SA at FSH that its harder to get a K than B these days and they try to limit the no. of bag one gets in order to "be fair". you'll never know when a K comes knocking on ur door, you can enjoy your evelyn while waitin in the meantime :smile:
  15. same here dont worry but make it clear and change SAs !