Am I just nuts or what....????

  1. My SA calls me Saturday morning - the Trevi PM came in and she has one on hold for me. Tells me to meet her at the store at 2 when she begins work - I can hardly wait for 2:00 - I get there a little early and see one on display and make a bee line for it. I loved it from afar. The minute I held it up to myself I felt it was all wrong. I felt like my grandmother holding those old style bags.
    Now I'm in my early 50's (am told i look younger) - so when I say my grandmother I'm talking old. I just couldn't be objective about the bag and couldn't commit to a purchase. I felt pretty awkward being so undecided but felt if I bought it I would be sorry .
    A younger woman (maybe late 20's early thirties came in with her mom ( maybe late 50's early 60's) and they were trying the hampsteads for the mom. Then they spotted me with the trevi and when I layed it back on the shelf they tried it. The mom held it up and I thought it looked horrible - like I said - all I could see was "old lady bag".
    Then the daughter picked it up and WOW did it look great. It was wonderful on her. Is it just me and my perception - but the juxtuposition of this style on the younger woman just screamed class. Yet when the mom held it again - it just looked dowdy and old.
    I figured that's the way I would present and left the store without it.
    Am I nuts? Anyone see this or other styles in a similar light?
    It just seemed that perhaps I should stick to other styles. (I have the duomo and feel that it looks fine.)
    Any input?
  2. It IS all about your own perception. I am in my 30s and when I tried on the Trevi, both my husband and I thought it made me look like a "carpetbagger" personage. LOL...........
    Generally though, I don't think any bag is more suited to a certain age; it just really depends on each individual person.
  3. I totally know what you mean. Sometimes I just cannot carry a certain bag because I feel it looks too "old" on me and looks funny - I felt that way with the Trevi. Even though it was beautiful, it just didn't feel right.
  4. I think you were right to not buy the bag if you didnt like it on yourself, I think that you should buy something you love and think looks good on you. The bag probably did look great on you but If you didnt see it and was unsure about the purchase then maybe you should get something you love. :smile:
  5. To each his (her) own....when it comes to handbags, I always say....
    I'm glad LV makes so many varities and styles for all ages and tastes.
    If the bag doesn't fit....find another !!!

    p.s. i think someone here referred to it as a "mary-poppins bag" and even started a thread about it....
  6. Isn't it amazing how that happens?
  7. I know exactly what you mean. I looked at the Trevi too and felt that way - and it's darling on my daughter who is 22.

    Cathy - I posted the Lilac picture just for you! (Just kidding!)
  8. Perfectly reasonable..
    There are a lot of handbags that I LOVE the look of, just not on me. The multicolor speedy is one. I think it's a fabulous bag, and think that the women who carry it look GREAT. But everytime I pick one up I look like a giant doof.

    The trevi didn't work for me either. But I think it looks lovely on the shelf and on other people.
  9. Again another great reason why they make vanilla and chocolate icecream!
  10. Well, it looks different on everyone! I don't have a Trevi, but I have a pleated doctor-style leather bag and it looks sort of trendy to me.
  11. I think it's all a matter of personal style. You say it looked like an old woman bag on you, but I saw a lady in the boutique about a month ago carrying the Trevi GM and she looked like she was in her early 50's and it looked very nice on her. I'm in my mid 20's and liked the Trevi until I tried it on. Then I knew it was all wrong for me. To each his own. But there are tons of other LV styles that I know would look perfect on you so keep looking!
  12. I love my trevi!! I'm 27


    I kind of felt that way about the le Fab it's a gorgeous bag but when I tried it on it didn't feel like me, not quite yet anyway
  13. i would echo what everyone else has said that it sometimes really isn't with the age, but with the individual's personality. i was sooo in love with the griet and was dying to buy it, but i couldn't get myself to when i saw it irl since it wasn't just "me". good job though on resisting the urge to buy it if you felt you wouldn't be comfortable carrying it around :smile: I'm sure you'll find another bag or style that will fit you, your lifestyle and your personality :smile:
  14. Just curious- what happened with your SA? Did you call her back to say you didn't like the bag anymore or will you just wait until your next purchase to explain what happened? I'm kind of in the same boat and do not know what to say to my SA. He called twice last week but luckily he called while I was on vacation so I can use that as my excuse when/if I speak to him this week.
  15. Ya, the same thing happened to me, kinda, with the Suhali Verone Lockit PM bag last week. When I laid eyes on it the first time IRL, I LOVED it, but when I tried it on last week, it was just HORRIBLE on me...

    I guess some bags are just not meant to be, but don't fret, I'm sure another pretty bag that you love and is also suitable for you will come sooner or later!

    GORGEOUS PIC Claire!!!!!!!! You're always so pretty! :love: