am i just crazy?! ...or is this WAY crooked?

  1. so, as you may have seen, i got my very first lv, the mono speedy 30 (pics are posted in the other thread!). while i was (and still am) SO excited to use it, the back seems really crooked to me with the alignment. look:


    am i being anal or should i do something?! :sad:
  2. it doesnt look very straight to me. if your really not happy take it back and exchange it, that would bug me even if nobody else could see it
  3. It's kinda hard to tell because there's a dent in the canvas. Humm, it looks alright to me...
  4. Jennn.....I would def exchange it.....It is noticable and would bug me too!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm not sure about the speedies, but I know the Keepalls are all made slightly unaligned, i think!? :-S
  6. i know, it was hard to take a picture, but look at the alignment of each side. in the fifth row, with the alternating circles and fleurs, the left side has half of a circle showing when the right side has nothing.
  7. It looks a touch off but it could be due to the crease.You could always measure the placement of the leather pieces to the side edges of the bag but do it with an empty and flattened out purse.

  8. I know exactly what your talking about. I notice those little things too! If you noticed it, it must mean that it bothers you so I would definitely exchange it.
  9. The alignment is totally wrong. Were did you say you bought this bag?
  10. Definitely exchange it if you're not happy.
  11. You should stuff it completely full with t-shirts and then look at it and you should be able to tell a great deal more about the alignment. It does look a little off, but after you stuff it, you'll have your answer.
  12. Change it if you are not happy with it :yes:
  13. I think the alignment (on that specific small area that you are referring to) is definitely off by too much. If the alignment had been off by one or two millimetres, then that might be a little more understandable. But this is much more than 2 millimetres.
    And I don't think this has anything to do with creases, because even if there was a crease, the owner would still be able to see part of the round flower on the right-hand side if she stretched that side a bit.
  14. i can see on the left side that it is off. if you arent satisfied, get a new one...
  15. I know that when I got my speedy 30, the tab was sewn crooked. I tried and tried to talk myself into it for days but I just kept looking at it and it drove me batty. I brought it back and they exchanged it NO problem.