Am i just being weird?

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  1. When i buy second hand bags, i really like it when they have the dustbag and/or box. And many times they don't, the seller says they lost them. I really don't get how you lose it after paying that much. Some people don't care about protecting it i guess.

    Sorry needed to rant, am i the only one who thinks this?
  2. yup the only one!...just kiddin with you!!!!...yups I dont know how they can lose the dust bag...i can see not having the box (I decline the boxes nowdays...)
  3. hahah i almost felt cold and alone for a moment! Aww man i LOVE the boxes, i guess i just have a weird obsession for them lol
  4. you are right the boxes are worthy of much love....I dunno about other brands but I have never had any box better than the LV ones!
  5. how are the hermes boxes?
  6. True that!! I actually am to poor to afford Hermes new or used haha (just graduated h school). But from what i have seen they are pretty nice. But nowhere as cool the lv drawer style boxes XD
  7. are not weird...I just think people throw out the dust bags for one because they are planning on selling their bags and then they turn around have to sell them later w/o dust bags. Also, with me at least...I don't store my bags in dust bags...because I personally want to see what I spent my money on. KWIM?
  8. I know what you mean and see where you're coming from.
    Thanks for your reply =)
  9. When I travel I sometimes cannot fit the box into my luggage coming home so I get not having the box but no dustcover...really? I get where you're coming from.
  10. OO i never thought about the box part and it not fitting, i get that. haha but seriously i don't get the dustbag thing either =/
  11. Nice information thanks for this post
  12. Thanks =)
  13. You're not weird. I would question it too, lol. Boxes are understandable, dust bags are a different story.
  14. Thanks for all the positive replies! :smile:
  15. erm~my mum and my sisters dont throw away the boxes,in cases that the luggage has no space for the box, they will put the box inside the paper bag and carry them home~~my mum has an obsession with designer paper bags,dustbags and boxes..she claims that they are as valuable as the bag itself,haha~she keeps them nicely~:biggrin: