Am I just being picky?

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  1. I'm new to TPF and to LV bags. Hubby got this for me for Christmas and after watching numerous videos and reading tons of threads on the Speedy B 25, I'm putting myself in a tailspin staring at these wrinkles. I contacted LV customer care and they sent a response that said they don't see any quality issues from the pics. I don't live near a store and this was purchased online from LV. I think I'm overanalyzing but wondered what others would do in my situation. TIA, sorry if this isn't in the right place or I made a rookie mistake.

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  2. You’re being picky.
  3. ^this. Sorry.
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  4. Nothing to be sorry about, I asked for opinions.
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  5. You can definitely find a smooth one and exchange if it is new and within return time frame. The wrinkling might get worse as you use the bag.
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  6. Double post
  7. Once you use the bag, and I always put a base shaper in my Speedy bags, the wrinkles will disappear. Bag needs to kept stuffed when you are not using it, they (LV) gave me a pillow to stick inside for my Speedy Empreinte and for all my others in canvas, I bought cheap small pillows and stuck them in each Speedy. Speedys are meant to be folded up when packed in a suitcase and stuffed when they come out-your "wrinkles" are normal, I own 5 Speedys---way too many, but I know all about them!
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  8. If it's your first bag and you don't love it for whatever reason, send it back. While it may be normal, there are many that don't have this wrinkle so if it bothers you, why keep it? That's just me.
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  9. This is normal.
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  10. Thank you, I agree. I think I'm gonna send it back. Even if it's normal to them, it concerns me for a brand new bag when I've seen tons of videos and pictures of new bags without the same rippling leather.
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  11. I came to this site for the same reason!!!! I’m freaking out. It’s only 1 month old

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  12. i don’t see anything wrong with your bag ??
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  13. If you insist! This is my first LV and wasn’t sure how the wear and tear was. I couldn’t find any info on creasing in this area.
  14. It's a typical Ebene Speedy, I own one too--it looks normal to me--relax and start enjoying your bag!
  15. Does it help to carry a lot of stuff? I tend to only have my wallet keys and a small pouch. Which makes it sag a bit