Am I just being paranoid?

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  1. I sold a Dior Gaucho Double Saddle Bag recently. The buyer asked for me to wait a week to ship b/c she would be away. I said fine b/c she seemed good and paid immediately. I am really paranoid about the sale only b/c this bag is highly counterfeit and I am just nervous about a switch or something weird. She has a paypal confirmed address and I sent it insured, signature required, SHE must sign for it VIA UPS this morning. I also e-mailed her that I put a combination lock on it for security purposes and now she hasn't e-mailed me in response at all. She has been great about contact, but now nothing. I am also not seller protected w/ paypal on this transaction which is making me nervous. Do you know any reasons for this. Her address is CONFIRMED. If she doesn't get back to me should I stop the shipment and refund her. I just wanted to sell this bag b/c I NEVER use it and I know people are so wary of buying them b/c of the fakes, but I just don't like that there is NO contact since I told her about the combo lock. I just want to protect myself. I am a little confused. I am new to ebay and I just don't want to get burned.
  2. You can email eBay asking for the buyer's contact number and call her before you stop shipment. If you can't reach her, then I would stop the shipment. I'd rather paying more for shipping again than having to deal w/ return later on. Seriously, it's very stressful, and you can't get it off your mind, and you would ask yourself over and over how the hell I did this or that... Next time, clearly state on your listing that you are going to tag the item this way so as the buyer bids, he/she acknowledges it.
  3. Well you said she answered all but the last emails. Maybe she is on holiday or working long hours. The lock is a good idea. Just make sure you tell her clearly that once it is removed there is no return. If I was buying and the seller did that it would make me sure that the bag was valuable. Hope she gets back to you soon..
  4. Take a moment a breathe and give her a chance to contact you. Email her once again and explain that you're concerned. Let her know that she can't remove the lock unless she's totally happy.
  5. I agree completely. She's been good about communicating with you so far. It's probably fine. In the future, you might want to state in your listings that the item will be shipped with a lock. Very good idea, IMHO.