Am I insane?

  1. I stopped in at Coach today to have a look at the Legacy striped scarf. Just to LOOK. I ended up purchasing the oblong legacy stripe scarf, the legacy striped keypouch, and the big ouch was the legacy striped beret. :Push: Yes, it is beautiful and it looked oh so cute on me (normally I can't pull off hats at all), but $118 (plus 8% NYS sales tax!) for a beret?? Seriously, is that insanity?

    I should have my package by Wed or Friday. I will post pics when I receive them.

    Does anyone else have or want the beret?
  2. hehe. Berets might just be the hottest fashion accessory of next year ;)
    It's not insanity as long as you use it once, hehehe.
  3. i want that beret!
    i wonder if it's warm?
  4. You're not insane! The legacy striped items are addictive! I want the muffler.
  5. Your not insane!! I love the legacy stripe items, might as well get them while you can.
  6. the legacy is such a gorgeaus line!! I really need to grab some more stuff, because I dont think it will reach the outlets.. can someone confirm this or no???
  7. No, the beret is gorgeous!
  8. If you love it, get it. Or else you will regret not getting it. :yes:
  9. I got the beret today! It's so ridiculous but I love it soooo much!