Am I insane?

  1. Do you try to buy all of your items to match one another? I have a tendancy to stick to one line for a while and form matching sets. I feel stupid using a Glace Fonzie and an Epi Wallet.

    I also won't carry anything with gold hardware unless my belt, watch, etc are all gold or brass toned. Am I the only one this insane?
  2. I feel the same way.. I so far only own mono, damier and cerise but they're all canvas lol. I like to accessorise my speedy with charms and keyrings but most are silver coloured and I hate how it looks with the gold hardware :sad:
  3. I'm totally opposite. I hardly had two items of the same line untill a about 6 months ago. I try to match the hardware though!
  4. My LV collection are all in Monogram canvas. It's not because I want to have a matchy matchy. It's just that I don't like other lines.

    I only have one Monogram Vernis item (which is the heart coin purse), one Monogram Denim bag (Cabas Raye GM) and one Monogram Miroir Lockit.
  5. Scott.cs, first things may be a little insane! Kust kiddin'! I don't stress over the tiny details. I enjoy my LV and have fun with it. Yes, I will carry a black epi wallet in a classic monogram bag...if I don't have time to swap to my mono wallet! I don't have an MC wallet so I will carry my black epi wallet with my black MC bags! I do not have any LV with silver hardware though and since all mine is gold or brass I am not clashing my metals! However, I would love to see an LV bag that really played up the mixed metal design...hint, hint Marc!
  6. Once I got my first LV, all my jewellery and stuff became gold. Now that I only carry LV, I've started to wear alot more brown. I have the Mono wallet and agenda which is rough because in my bag, along with the mini pouchette all mono in the bag makes it hard to find the item I'm looking for..."Is this..nope not the this..nope the pouchette...(climbs into Manhattan) there you are!!!"
  7. :pIt's OCD~ (that's me...) lol

    I don't know if i want the monogram wapity case! because the inside lining is red micro? fabric...and every other monogram lining is brown non micro? it won't be "perfect"...a match!!!

    If i would buy a ring from LV...i would choose first! white gold? or gold gold? if i choose white gold...i would only buy a white gold necklace...white gold bracelet...white gold ear ring...etc etc
    If there's a gold gold ring i LOVE LOVE LOVE!? i will say...'don't don't don't'
    because if i did...i would buy a gold gold necklace/bracelet/ear ring too!!! lol...

    But i'd collect gold gold...not white gold...because the LV letters color is gold on the monogram

    So Eg. a monogram canvas wallet in my hand with a white gold LV ring on my finger...i would hate the look! because you LV letters...with white gold LV letters...

    lol i better stop but I'm with you here!!! LOL
  8. lol
  9. i dont know about mismatching LV canvases i like to use my damier azur with my mono wallet but in regards to the hardware i'm like that too. if my bag has gold hardware then usually my accessories have to match.
  10. It's a personal decision. For me, I buy pieces from different lines so I can have a piece from a few lines rather than just all one line. At any given time, I'll have Cerises, Vernis, Damier, Groom and whatever my bag happens to be that day. I don't like matching too much, I feel like I was trying too hard..I don't even like wearing my monogram belt when I'm carrying a monogram bag.
  11. no you are not insane ... just organized!
  12. Not me! I don't really care what line it's from :smile:
  13. At first, I liked matching. Now, I love the variety in my bag. A little framboise, indigo, amarante or pomme. Some azur. Love it all. However, the one thing I am picky about is matching the hardware. I don't mix silver and gold hardware. Right now, all my LVs are gold-toned.
  14. I like I buy from different lines. I do try to get a matching accessory or two for each bag though :yes:
  15. Yep, I got my mono wallet and mono cosmetic AND mono organizer to all match my speedy. lol