am i insane?

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  1. i have just aquired 2 gorgeous GH Works which i love love (i posted my first pics too) but here's the thing - I want MORE.

    I''m investigating getting a Natural OR a Sandstone and I'm DEFINITELY getting Steel and Marigold next season

    With all this money I got get a Hermes (which used to be my Holy Grail) so now i'm trying to be rational., should i just be happy with my 2 - can i or move on?

    plus i need to hide some bags now as I promised my husband 2 only......:p
  2. :yahoo: That is the way it works.. They are addictive!!

    But why don't you where the ones you have already purchased in, and await the fall collection..? That way you won't break your promise, and have 4 untouched bags lying around..

    Not that I am certain I would be able to, if I had the money :roflmfao:

    But fall sure looks goód - and remember that Silver Giant Hardware is coming up!!

    Congrats on the first two bags - I'll keep an eye on you to see if more comes along...:yes:
  3. thanks for the encouragement. I will try to be good, I'm so looking forward to the reports on Thursday from all those going to the shows!
  4. Congrats on your two new babies:yahoo:

    Yep, they sure are addictive! You just keep wanting more.....
    I've been addicted to Balenciaga for 5 years and I've got 24 bags and planning to buy 2 more when FW07 hits, so no, you're not so bad!:graucho:

    I'll be devil's advocate here, but maybe you can hide your purchases so that your DH won't be angry at you?? ....and break them out one by one slowly??...Gosh, I shouldn't be saying this........:sneaky:

    You know, if you promised him two, the *right*thing to do is not to buy ANY more, but can you be content with 2?? Perhaps you can convince him that you could sell other things to fund your Bbags??

    Fall would be gotta get some more!
  5. 24!!:nuts: wow i need to catch up :p

    i love everyone's pic next to their ID names, I'm going to work on that next- a distraction at least.
  6. :smile: No, you are not insane! :heart: They are totally addictive. Go with your gut, if you still want Hermes or if you want more bbags. HG sometimes changes! I am excited to hear the news from Wednesday as well, it will be exciting! Good luck with your desicions!
  7. I don't think u are insane as it's very addictive as agreed with the others. I actually bought 5 bags within a can u believe it? I'm totally on purse ban now. Sigh...i guess my next additions of bbags will be end of this yr.....:crybaby::crybaby:
  8. you are totally SANE! i still have a handful of bags awaiting their debut hiding in my closet. my DH thinks i have 3, when i really have 10! and i keep adding more to my "collection"

    just embrace it - besides, aren't hermes bags WAY more $$$ - so maybe you're saving some cash by switching to the b-bags :p
  9. okay, i only have one that is hidden away from DH. but i have found this really does not work. this is what happens to me.. i get "the bag". i hide "the bag" i dont use "the bag" cause DH does not know i have it.. then i want "another bag" and i sell the one i had hidden..

    now what is the point of this i ask??
    is it really the bags we love, or the thrill of the hunt!!!
  10. It is absolutely the thrill of the hunt...and the fact that bbags are addictive! Slow down and enjoy your new purchases for a while. You can always add to your collection as time goes on.
  11. Congrats :yes:

    They def. are addictive.. I have two and I want more, BUT I'm trying to be realistic about how many bags I really need. I don't want to get to the point where I have so many that some rarely get used. With that said, I want to get a black Day sometime in the future & then after that I want to stop.
  12. This is the worse place to ask if what you are doing is insane or not, because most of us will say that it is not. This IS an addiction and you will not be satisfied with just one or two bbags. But like what the others said, just temper this addiction with a common sense and self control, and you will definitely have a bbag collection that you will truly love.
  13. 100% agree with this...
  14. why not get....get a Balenciaga (just one) and the Hermes at the same time?:smile:

    I got 2 Bal now (the other one still undecided till i see FW07 collection)...and I am going to get H (not the birkin or lindy thou) in an evening bag...since most of my bags are good for day use.

    tsk! also waiting for chanel phython bag:cursing:

    i gotta leave purse forum now:push:
  15. i agree with you all. besides my DH has a great trick - he goes & gets himself a new electronic toy everytime i get myself an 'unnecessary' bag - it drives me crazy -how many IPODs does he need????

    i will be good till Steel comes out!