Am I insane ? !

  1. OK...I am a handbag nut but the most I have ever spent on a bag is $200, I have 2 Dooneys that I paid that for. One of them I was not happy with the quality as after wearing it a little over a year it has thread wear on all four corners of the bag (its the fabric type shoulder bag) and I swore I would never pay so much for a bag if this what I get for my $200. And I did not use it excessively either. Now I have seen this Coach bag I am obsessed with and its $400 !!! Its the new denim cotton bag with the 2 buckled pockets in the front. It has a leather bottom and leather on sides of the denim fabric so I would not have to worry about corner wear on this bag. OMG am I crazy to be seriously considering paying $400 for a bag ? And this would be my first Coach so I tell myself it will last me forever, but is this style bag to trendy, esp at my age, I'm 48 ? I also like the shoulder denim one in the same line, but the bottom is not reinforced so I worry about corner wear like the da*n Dooney. I wear a lot of denim, jeans are pretty much all I wear so it would go with most everything I wear. but $400.....give me pros and cons...please
  2. I paid close to $400 for my Carly bag. And I'm only 19. I say if you can afford it and be happy with it and the quality is good, go for it. I'm sure it will last you a very long time. Coach is pretty good with their bags holding up I believe.

    Is it this bag?


    But yeah I say go for it.

    And even if you have second thoughts about paying that much after you buy it you can always resell it and get your money back.

  3. As for whether or not you can wear it well, it's not so much about age as attitude. The fact that you're thinking about it tells me you won't look too flashy with it. There's a difference between being stylish and dressing like a cougar, and this bag is cute, so I think it can handle either look, depending on how you carry yourself.

    Besides, in the end, you should dress for YOU, not for noisy people like me. :p
  4. spend enough time on tpf and $400 will start sounding VERY reasonable and inexpensive...:sweatdrop:
  5. I just paid $500 for my leather large Carly and I do not regret it. I really wanted this bag, and I do not intend to just let her sit. If you are going to carry it, it will cost less over time. I sold some of my old bags, sell your Dooneys.
  6. Yes ! That's it !:yes:
  7. exactly
  8. I am only a couple of years younger than you and I have a large denim Carly. I love this bag and I don't feel it is too flashy,trendy or young for me. I am sure you will feel the same way about the bag you choose once you own it and start using it. I know $400 is REAL money but I figure I use a handbag all day, everyday so it is a worthwhile investment. Selling your other bags is a great idea. Oh, btw I love your screen name!!

  9. Amen to that!!

    And if you love the bag I say go for it. I usually justify my purchases with the cost per wear ratio.....a $400 bag comes out to $5 per day if you carry it 80 times.
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Ain't that the truth!!!!!!

    My limit used to be $100. Then it became $800 because I never wanted to say I paid more for my purse than I did for my first car... :p

    My last LV bag cost $1300... and that was a used one!
  11. ^ah, i know. i remember when $50 was too much. then it was $200...then $400...then $800.

    now i don't even want to know what the lv i want costs.
  12. Here is one of the best perks of Coach (besides this forum!): LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!! As for age, it's just a number. Wear and carry what you love. I think it would be fabulous!
  13. Ha, Ha. Yes! I never spent more than $150 on a purse until January... and now $400 sounds like a bargain to me.
  14. Are we: Sane, Rational, Sensible, Reasonable, Sound, Normal, Wise:wondering

    as opposed to: irrational, Unreasonable, Foolish, Crazy Ridiculous, Absurd, Silly . . . :nuts:

    not nuts, not normal either where else would you go to talk to about a purse and then take a picture of yourself with it in front of a mirror!
  15. LOL.