am i insane? (lindy shoulder strap)

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  1. ok sorry for sounding like a dork but the shoulder strap of the lindy is not detachable is it? (i just tried it on once before deciding it was not me and did not pay attention to the details) the thing is i looove the clamshell appereance of the lindy and actually quite like it when worn handheld (and maybe could pull that off in croc soupple) the only thing that bothers me is that shoulder strap it ruins the bag for me so i thought if it is not detachable i would cut it off. so tell me am i insane for even thinking about it or would you do it etc.. sorry but that drove me nuts last night after seeing the lindy in an advert
  2. OH My Lord! I thought EXACTLY the same thing - why didn't they make it detachable??????

    I agree, I've been tempted to cut it off, too, because I love the look with out the strap. I wish it was detachable......
  3. ^^ I'm the same! That's my exact reservation about taking the plunge and getting one much earlier or now even! I thought it was just me!
  4. Why not take it to a leather repairer and have them take the strap off and put press studs / snaps onto it or something equivalent? I know it sounds like a sacrilege to mutilate a Hermes bag like that, though.
  5. :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:
  6. LMAO - JAPSERELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wash your mouth out with Eau de Merveilles!!!!!!!
  7. LOL GF. This was acctually my 1st reaction when i saw the Lindy IRL. Remove that DAM strap!!!! I mentioned cutting it off at one time here, and no one replied, i assumed the idea was frowned upon.
  8. like a Lindy Circumcision.
  9. I thought it was detachable! Oh noes..
  10. LOL!
  11. I'd have the craftsman remove it. That way, if you ever change your mind, it can be sewn back on.
  12. ^ yes! That's the answer!
  13. fabulous idea! thats if they do it. i am sure they eiher say "yes maám we have done it before " or they throw me out the store labeling me "mademoiselle vulgaire" for even considering messing around with their designs :lol:
  14. I've been wondering about the strap, too. Lindy looks so 'bulky' and would widen my hips even more ;)
  15. I must be the odd one out. I love the strap on my Lindy. If it didn't come with it, I actually wouldn't have bought it. I am actually happy with how Hermes did away with strap loops etc to attach the straps. Imagine there are strap loops, and when you use the Lindy as a shoulder bag, the short handles would be flapping all over the place. Yup. I thought about this before I parted money for my Lindy.