Am i Insane?!!.. I turned down a bag.


Jul 20, 2007
The Fine CIty
Yesterday evening my mum, sis and bf had to queue up to get into the LV boutique. Busy Friday! They spent an hour in there choosing my bday present. Finally narrowed down to 2 items. I think its a Normad some kind of wallet and the new cruise line Speedy? I turned both items down.. Now im regretting. :sad: So do u like the bag and the wallet? The SA was so nice.. He allowed them to take pics..:lol:They were so embarassed they left empty handed.

And i present my new car. Present from dad. Mercedes C180. My mum and bro went to put a downpayment yesterday. It should be here next month. I cannot wait. :yahoo:In Bright Chilli Red. Its goes with my red Epi passy. Ha! Dun get me wrong im not trying to be a showoff.. Im just very excited. I've nv had a new car, always a hand down from dad.

PS: I couldnt get my photos to load on photobucket so im attaching them.
Oct 18, 2007
Congrats!! Even if you were showing off- you are allowed here:okay:. Can your dad adopt me??Would love to have a Mercedes;)