Am I insane for wanting a Chanel bag?

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  1. Up until now I've been getting Bal and Mulberry bags (also have a couple of LV and Chloé) and I've been dreaming of getting a Chanel bag since forever :drool: (so it seems). My husband and I are off to Rome in October and I began to panic :wtf: as there's no Balenciaga store, but then I thought it may be my golden opportunity to get a Chanel Jumbo flap in black caviar. Is it worth every penny? Is it durable, do you guys use it all the time and do you love it? TIA.:tup:
  2. To me it's worth it, they are classic and you can think of it as an investment.

    That's what I keep telling my husband, at least....
  3. Nobody on this forum will try to talk you out of it. LOL.
  4. Absolutely worth any penny, this is not just a bag, its Chanel! Go for it! Plus, if you get tired of it, there is always a good resell value :smile:
  5. The black caviar jumbo flap is one of my favorite Chanel bags:tup::tup:, love it so much that have 2 black ones (one w/silver and the other w/ gold hardware), the caviar leather is so durable, worry free, and use it almost daily. G/L on your new purchase and vacation:smile:
  6. Of course it's worth every penny!!! Get it and you won't regret it!
  7. Lol. Every lady needs a Chanel bag! hehehe
  8. Thanks for your most excellent advice ladies, it seems like a lot of money but it's true that it may be more of an investment. Will look forward and will post pics in a couple of months. Am as giddy as a school girl!
  9. GO FOR IT! I was also really into Balenciaga before I started buying Chanel. And I feel that the Chanel bags are actually more value for the money because they are so classic and well made.
  10. Yes, Chanel is definitely worth every penny (and more!) :tup:
  11. I agree, i think chanel is uber feminine.
  12. I agree with everyone here. Definitely worth every penny. beautifully made bags that will last a long long long time. :tup:
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    Me too! ^^^ I agree with all the previous ladies posts. You can't go wrong with CHANEL!!!:heart: Classic & timeless.
  14. I agree with everyone here..... Chanel is timeless
  15. it's worth every penny, even after I used mine many times, I still love it so much. For sure it makes a lot of heads turn :yes: