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  1. If I am not then this is my question:

    What is the horsepower motor needed to drive 2 blades x 1 meter diameter aircraft propeller?

    It doesn't have to be 100% accurate on your answer as long the estimation is close enough. This is rather for general knowledge than for a specific project.

    I will appreciate any honest input.

    If this kind of question is on the wrong spot please redirect to the right place.
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  3. Bagnshoo should know...she owns an aircraft.
  4. Errrr, I'm guessing you are in the wrong place,but I have no idea where best to direct you to!!! So sorry!!
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  9. This is not enough information to do this calculation. How much does the aircraft weigh? how much resistance torque does the propeller need to overcome,
    what is the maximum velocity that you expect the propeller to rotate at and what maximum speed do you need your aircraft to fly?
  10. I totally :heart: smart people!
  11. You are in the wrong forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.