Am I in the system?

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  1. Ive bought several things form the store, but I have never filled out any papers to be in the system. Do they do it thru your credit card? I know at Gucci I filled out a paper. Just wondering! Thanks!
  2. I have never filled out a paper either. When you buy stuff they always ask for your name and address.. that is how they do it I guess, because I have been invited to the last couple of pce's :yes:
  3. they never asked for my name or wonder I never get PCE cards!!!
  4. really? weird.. well I have never paid cash, maybe that is the difference? :shrugs: Not sure. Maybe an SA can chime in. ;)
  5. You can go on and register an account, then ask for email updates and a catalog. That is all I did and I've gotten the PCE's twice now. Once in November and again the long one this December.
  6. I am registered but still no PCE :0( maybe Ill sign my hubby up and see what

    ahhh just address was there!!! AHHHHHHH Im mad!!! Hopefully Ill get them now!
  7. I'm in the system , but I never get the catalogs or the PCE invitation in the mail. :nogood: My SA will always call me to let me know but of course I always know before that because of you great Coach girls. :love:
    Anyway, a few months ago, while ringing up my sale, the SA and I got talking about how I never receive anything in the mail. My address is WRONG in the system but that's another story! It just won't correct no matter how many SA's have tried, so I have given up on that one, but the SA noticed that I was listed as NOT wanting to receive mailings! WTH, I never said that, so she fixed that in the computer and I still don't receive anything in the mail. In fact this last PCE when she called, she asked if I got my invitation in the mail and I told her NO, and she said she couldn't believe it!
    I have ordered directly thru JAX too, not just in store, so I don't know what the problem is?:confused1:
    If I ever need the actual invitation to purchase, I guess I'm SOL!:upsidedown: