Am I in Luck??

  1. Okay so I just called a Chanel store about a GST...i put it on hold until Sunday but he said the price was 1750?? I thought prices went up on that??
  2. lucky!
  3. it was $1650
  4. get on it! quick!!

    Nordstroms is selling the GST for 1895 (or 1850?) but i know it was in the 1800s
  5. wow really...yeah i thought i had heard it was 1895...i might jump on it!
  6. Definately went up to 1895. If it's really 1750 there, grab it!
  7. Yes, you are but only if the quality/condition of that bag is still good.
  8. oh my... that's a good deal!
  9. he said it was the last one left. if i get it ill call back b4 and make sure its not the floor model or anything.
  10. Ordered it today!! They said they only got 3 in! I should have it by Tuesday!!! yay!!!
  11. whoohooo congrats!
  12. Congrats on your new purchase :smile:
  13. *dances* I'm so excited! I'll be sure to post pics when it comes!!!
  14. I was in Neimans today and it was 1895. Check it out, if it is new condition buy it!;)
  15. Congrats!! :yahoo: