Am I impatient?

  1. I placed an order last Thursday w/SH, but nothing's arrived yet. I live in NYC.

    Am I being impatient, or should I prepare to call and find out where my package is? My last order with them arrived the next day, so maybe my expectations are now very high?

    I hope it's not lost in transit...
  2. i say give it until weekend then u can try finding out where ur package is if it still havent arrive by then
  3. maybe call them to ask when they sent it? cant hurt to inquire.
  4. ditto ^^ i always ask for a tracking # just to see where it's at :p
  5. I would call because I did have a situation with one of the other outlets where they "forgot" about my order & it sat for a week. Lindsey's usually pretty good but it never hurts to get the tracking number.
  6. omg, im in the exact same position as u are! im from nyc and i ordered something last thursday and im waiting..very impatiently for it! lol...i keep naggin my bf that it hasn't come yet and he just tells me to be patient. lol, waiting sucks. do u have a tracking number for it? if not i say wait until tomorrow cuz i have one and it says im supposed to get it tomorrow..if it doesn't come tomorrow i say call them up, it never hurts to ask. =D
  7. I don't think you'd be out of line to call and ask for a tracking number. I did that the day after I placed my order on Labor Day just because I like to keep an eye on it while it's shipping over to Cali. That way if they have forgotten to ship it out it'll be a reminder without being too pushy.
  8. Ok. Thanks. I thought I was impatient, but it looks like Iwuvtokidoki and I are in the same predicament! I don't have a tracking number, so I guess I can call and ask. I know they're probably busy, but I'm just afraid of a lost package in the building. Those hounds here, if it was delivered to them by mistake, and they like what they see, they keep it!
  9. it only takes them like 2 seconds to look it up in their system.. plus you already bought from them so it's not like you're not their paying customer.

    i can be a lil impatient nowadays because i like how priority lets you get it in a couple days. i got my l'amore zucca today, which i bought on saturday :biggrin:
  10. Call because I am in NYC and I placed an order on Friday that I received yesterday. Friday orders do not get sent out until Monday morning.
  11. Thank you wklouie! I will call tomorrow then, if I don't get it by noon, which is when our UPS deliveries have been sorted out.

    Wish me luck in the morning! :yes:
  12. I ordered from SH b4 and I'm in NYC too, takes way longer than other retailers. Calling them up is a great idea!
  13. Yeah, calling for a # is no big deal at all~ I'm sure they'd be happy to help you. I ordered from SH, and I got my package 4 days later (I think) and I'm in Buffalo...

    Maybe the mail is just being slow?
  14. wow! i am waiting for a package from there as well that i order mid last week!
  15. Ah ha! I've found out what happened. UPS had a problem delivering the package to me, so now I have to go to the UPS center to pick up my bags! I'm so doing that during lunch time. I can't wait! :yahoo:

    This is a first though, I use my work address all the time, and no one's ever had problems sending me anything... My package was supposed to be in my hot little hands Monday morning. Grrrrr to UPS!

    The staff at SH rock in my book! They're the best...