Am I imagining myself??

  1. Apologize if this has been discussed million times, but I just rang LV store re: refills for small 6 rings agenda (without address book) and she quoted me $43+ tax?? :wtf:

    I just only recently moved to the US but I cant remember even paying that much back in Australia. Has the price gone up or something? Is the price sounds right to you?

  2. Yeah, that sounds about right.
  3. uh oh ok..silly me then :p dunno where did i get the idea that its suppose to be cheaper than that!
  4. Ya i know $43 seams like alot.
  5. LV agendas r high-maintenance...just like their owners! hehe :amuse:
  6. Tell me about it, I was contemplating Filofax refill for a second, but it just ruins the look.
  7. The medium ones are $80 here in Canada
  8. :wtf:
    For refills?! It's crazy!
    (Okay, a $800 bag is also crazy. But you know what I mean - it's just paper! I would be scared to mess it up... I always doodle in my agenda's...)
  9. Oh well, that is most likely the cheapest LV item we buy! LOL!
  10. I actually just bought the refill today, as suspected, $43 + tax is not the right price. I only paid $36 today (tax inclusive).
  11. Did you get just the 2008 calendar refill? Did you order from eLux or buy from the boutique? TIA!
  12. I was just there last week and the price tag that came off (well I got the 2007) of mine read $44 so I say it's about right.
  13. Yep, it is the refill for 2008, without address book. Bought it from the boutique.
  14. yours must be different size than mine. i only paid 36 today
  15. I have a filofax refill in mine and it serves the same function and is alot cheaper.