Am I having a Fashion Brainfreeze???


To wear or not to wear???

  1. Holy crap...that is ugly!!!

  2. Very cute...I love vintage!!

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  1. Is this vintage vest ugly...and I am just not realizing it???? It would be just for every day....just as pictured...with jeans! Opinions...please! For some reason...I can't decide!
    green vest 001.jpg green vest 002.jpg
  2. P.S. Please forgive the cat stretching in the background...I promise that although he looks as if he is being tortured....he is not!
  3. I think I like it, but not with that shirt under it..definitely SOME shirt under it, just not that one. Its cute though, very different.
  4. ^^^ That is exactly how I feel...I think I like it...but I cannot seem to figure out what to wear underneath! I am open to ideas!
  5. its cute.. but i don't really like the fact that its so squared.. maybe if u wore it with a tighter top under and skinny jeans it would look better.. the print is cute though

    i think u need to try different tops under.. and maybe loosen the top bow a little as well..
  6. LOL I didn't notice him at first:roflmfao:

    Anyway, about the vest... I think it's cute. It doesn't look bad the way you're wearing it, but something looks a tiny bit off. Maybe if would look better if you removed the middle and bottom ties and just left the top one? IDK. I think it has potential though :tup:
  7. Hmmmm^^^^good idea!!!! WIll try these options!
  8. I like it, but maybe something is a bit off. I think it may be the way youve tied it. I def like it though. and lol @ your cat - talk about caught in action!
  9. I'm trying hard to like it, but I think the gaps between the ties is posing a problem for me.
  10. oops triple post!
  11. vest...round 2!!! I tucked the bottom two ties under...but I can cut them off...if this looks cute!!!
    green vest.jpg
  12. I like it! but I think I'd pair it with a darker coloured top or tank underneath.
  13. Okay, now I really like it! Tying it differently did the trick. I agree with Danica that a different top would be good. I can't think of the right words off the top of my head, but something closer-fitting since the vest is a little full.

    Hope that makes sense.
  14. Sorry. It's too little girl Heidi for me.
  15. This look is a little too peasant for me...I think the vest is cute though. Maybe a white cap-sleeved shirt that's slightly full at the bottom?