Am I hallucinating? New colors/old styles on RM SITE

  1. Hmm..several of the bags on the RM site are on Bluefly now discounted. Strange?
  2. I agree, Soccer Mom... it *is* weird. But good for us, no?

    I mean us with cash to spare hehe :biggrin: oh maaaan this is bad for my already downtrodden wallet.
  3. I think that's an old link, because if you actually go through the RM website you get the same old "shop" page. Has anyone tried ordering through madaboutdarcy's link?
  4. ^ I agree, but I tried putting an Elephant Get Away Tote in my cart and it worked -- for the Mini Nikki it didn't though, just said that it wasn't in stock. So am wondering if some of these other items are still in stock? If so there's an Emerald MAM, Sage MAM... among others!
  5. Oh my gosh! Is that too good to be true? It must be. I was just thinking that I had to have a MAM in green and there it is, but I've looked all over and they appear to be unavailable. Surely that's an old link.....?
  6. ^ fabae you don't want to give it a whirl and see if the order goes through??
  7. ^^ We have an active enabler here! :yes:

    I just love the sage- it makes me want to eat a green tea muffin! Yummmmy :drool:
  8. Enabler indeed! And here I am, still thinking about it! I am trying so hard to not buy anything right now. That's why I don't want to check it out!!
  9. I think it's an old link, but it may still work if they have some of the bags. Last month I was able to pull up a link(via a search from either Google or Yahoo) for the "Vincent" page on the RM site for that exclusive tPF sale back in December.
  10. ^Thanks angelchick! :smile: