Am I hallucinating?! Guy's goth-ish LV BRACELET?!

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I saw this on one of the other LV forums and they say that it is one is one of the new collection?!
    I really like the gothic looks...Right now I'm wearing a Diesel leather bracelet and wanted something new...I've been looking for some kind of men's LV accessory and this is the answer!!!

    Please tell me this is true! if not wake me up from my dream :wtf:

    If it is going to be released, please please please tell me when it's coming out and the pricing would be a great help!! I live in Japan but not in Tokyo...I hope they have it where I live!!!


    Kinda gives out the Diesel/Armani Exchange vibes :graucho:

  2. yep it new. not my kind of thing
  3. Definitely new and different. I wonder what this looks like once it's worn.
  4. I love it, its in the mens S/S Catalogue.
  5. Its the Victoria bracelet from the S/S 07 collection. It retails for about $360 USD. I have it. I really like it. You should see the pendant.
  6. you're not imagining things! it looks really nice, but when i tried this on i got scratched, it caught on my pant pocket and fine knit jumper too. either im simply retarded or the bracelet is lethal. whichever it is.... no sale for the Duck.
  7. OMG my dad is into this WHOLE look and now I know what I will be buying him for Father's day!! :-]]
  8. NO! that is MY kind of thign!!!!!!
  9. Thanks for the prompt replies everyone! So I'm not dreaming afterall :roflmfao:

    Hey Gerarv! I tried finding it in the LV forum and in google and couldn't find a picture to the you happen to have a picture of it? how much is it retailed at? and if you have time, would you mind posting a picture of you wearing it please? Thanks! :Push:
  10. Ah, to me it looks cheap and I´m guessing it really isn´t:graucho:
  11. I saw it at LV Forum Shops in might give them a call.
  12. $450 USD or something like that. This picture is from their men's catalog. Have fun!

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  13. OMG - I never even knew, how cute is that !
  14. omg i have to get that for my bf!!!! that is ridiously hot!!!
  15. looks really hot!