Am I gonna have to Break Down and Go to a Dermotologist???

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  1. (First of all, I'd like to say, it's good be back!!!)

    I went to a doctor early in the year last year for my acne and he gave me this wash thing (sry I can't remember the name) and some differen gel. He told me to use the wash and just a regular bar of soap on my face and see what happened. My acne was gone in 2 weeks. It got so bad before I went to him that my face was like one big open.....I'm so sorry about this....oozing sore. Well my face was pretty good for a while and now like every week I get a pimple that will get so bad it will pop on it's own and leave a huge hole in my face, or an open spot. I use salt water to help heal the wound and then use Watkins Salve (one of my dad's remedies for everything) to keep it from scarring and all and it's gone in a couple of days.

    This week I have a left over on the right side under my nose. It never got big above the skin, but under the skin it did. I was washing my face the other night and barely touched it with my washcloth and it popped leaving a crater.

    I'm a whiz at covering my boo-boos with make up, but I don't want to keep caking my face with concealor.

    Is there anything I can do at home before I have to go to the dermotologist???
  2. Imo, your first stop for any skin issues should be the dermotologist. Why waste time when you can go to a professional, kwim?
  3. I'd say go back to that dermatologist. What he gave you worked, so why not keep using it? After all you don't want scars on your face or get an infection from putting makeup on it when it hasn't healed yet.
  4. I agree with everyone else who has responded so far. A dermatologist is the best place to get help. They are professionals and know just what to do. You usually don't have to go too often. Just once every few months.
  5. You should definitely go back to the dermatologist. Not only can he/she prescribe something to treat your current acne, you can get retin-A or another gel to help diminish the marks made by previous breakouts.
  6. I think you are going to have to go back. Your issues don't seem to be what I would risk treating yourself. I'd be afraid of scarring or making the problem worse.
  7. Welcome back.

    Did you stop using the wash or did it stop working?
  8. I agree, just fo to the's not worth wasting time and chancing that it will get worse.
  9. Head for the derm. I've been in your situation and dealt with cystic acne for years, trying all kinds of my own remedies. I never saw relief until I went to the derm and followed their advice. Good Luck!
  10. I just got Differin and been using it just over a week now. I have new cystic acne coming out per day. They are so painful.
    I can't decide if I should book an earlier appointment to see my dermotologist.:shrugs:
  11. Well the wash stuff I was using I used it, it REALLY cleared me up and finally it ran out.
  12. Missy follow what the derm prescribes. If it's been working, then I don't see why you should change what you were doing. kwim?

    Your face will get worse before it gets better. Your skin is adjusting to the Differin. Just stick with it.
  13. Thank you HubbaWubba. I'll have to wait another week.
  14. your best bet is to go back to the derm, ive been down this road before tried everything from creams to antibiotics to finally accutane which was the only cure for my acne...make sure your using oil proof make up