Am I going to regret this purchase? (black leather Gigi)

  1. Hi ladies!

    Okay, so my ban officially lasted about 4 days! Haha....

    Last night, I purchased a NWT black leather Gigi on eBay for $395. I always admire this bag in stores and while I love the whiskey, I thought black would be more versatile and require less maintenance. Now I'm experiencing major buyer's remorse! While I think this bag will be great for the office and files I need to carry for school, I'm still unsure. Does anyone have the black leather Gigi and can you let me know your thoughts on it? I know it's heavy, but everytime I see it I can't help but stare.


    Also, when using the Gigi, would you suggest also using a purse or using the Gigi as an all-in-one work bag/purse?

    Thanks for your help! I hope I didn't make a mistake!
  2. LOVE IT!!!! Congrats!!!
  3. I think it's a beautiful bag and you should find it very useful for work and school. I think you should be able to use it alone without having to carry another bag with it but of course, I don't know what all you have to carry. You could get a demi or top handle pouch to fit inside of it for your personal items. I hope you find that you love it when it arrives!!
  4. Thanks for the support ladies! I have a small leather black hobo (it's a few years old, can't remember if that's the official name) that might be a great small bag to toss into the Gigi and use as necessary. Normally I carry my wallet, a small make-up bag, sunglasses, keys, small brush and a phone. Not a ton of stuff, but I could throw just a few of the things into the small purse and leave the rest in the Gigi.

    Now I'm getting excited to receive the bag in the mail. :yes:
  5. Congrats! I've been thinking of trying to score a Gigi for the same let us know how you like it!!!! :smile:
  6. I love this bag, please post pics ! I have never seen one in black IRL
  7. It's a great bag and you just can't kill the black Legacy leather. You will have a great tote for many years to come!
  8. I think you got a GREAT price on it.
  9. the person who bid $390 on it, and lost, I think it's a BEAUTIFUL bag! I hope you enjoy it! I'm glad I lost to a fellow tPF'er.
  10. Post pictures when you get the bag! I want to see what it looks like. Ignore the buyers remorse if you know you are going to use the bag and enjoy it.
  11. Sorry wander! I'm always curious to see if the other eBay bidders are fellow tPF'ers! I thought there was no way I'd get it at $395, but just lucked out. Did you see there is another one online right now (also NWT) at $202.50? The reserve hasn't been met, but the auction ends today. You may be able to get that one for an even better price!
  12. Thanks to everyone for your great comments. I'm feeling better about it now and will post pics as soon as it arrives.
  13. I love that bag! Congrats and I can not wait to see the pictures!