Am I Going Overboard?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I need some advice - am I going overboard? ... I just got the 'chain' medium hobo with horsebit strap in the dark brown guccissima leather, and now I want the exact same bag in the beige/ebony GG fabric with off-white leather trim!

    (I must also confess that I also have the brown small soft clutch in the guccissima leather that I got on a trip to Europe that I haven't opened yet.....and a couple of brand new Speedies.)

    Is it crazy that I keep trying to convince myself that this hobo in the beige/ebony GG fabric would be perfect for spring?

    Should I try to wait and see if it goes on sale? (Do the horsebit hobos tend to go on sale?)
  2. honestly, i dont think ur going overboard haha because u will get different uses out of each bag! i LOVE the horsebit hobo (i have it in dark brown trim) and i honestly use it so much that i worn it out haha and the sad part is that im thinking about getting the excat same one again! but my bf is trying convince me to just get it repaired (a stiching has come loose) and get a different bag!

    I personally think that the canvas is PERFECT for daytime wear vs the guccisma!! (but maybe im just trying to convince u to buy more so i can vicariously live through you ;) winkity wink wink)
  3. personally .. i don't think you're going overboard! =) i just saw that bag today, and it's absolutely fabulous! plus .. it's spring, and then going to be summer so you'll definitely get use out of it! you can never have too many handbags, girl! =)
  4. Thanks for the support :smile: Definitely much more support than what I'd get from my bf if I even mention this to him..... hehe

    Does anyone have any idea if this bag would possibly go on sale during their spring sale?
  5. You are NOT gong overboard. If I find something I love I will also buy the same style in different colors. I have 2 Gucci Princy Hobos. One in brown guccissima leather and one in black guccissima leather. Better to buy 2 of something that you know you love instead of something different that you don't really love but just got so it would be different.

    Here is my collection (Waiting for 2 new LV's to arrive any day)
  6. I have no idea what is going to be on sale (I wish I did :yes: ) But since the sale is only a little over a month away, I say just wait and see.
  7. no you are not going over board i have 2 horsebit hobo one i brown and the other in black.
  8. Not going overboard at all!
  9. So I just found out I got a raise. It's not much at all, but it's definitely making me want to use it as an excuse to buy this bag!!!!
  10. Yes, you're definitely going overboard!
    ITA that the bag you want is perfect for spring/summer. :yes:
  11. CONGRATS:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:!!!!!!! Go out and enjoy!!!!!
  12. if you like it. i say you just get it
  13. I'm I think I may want the Princy Medium Hobo in the silver guccissima too.....

    If I was to choose one, which one should I get? The Princy Medium Hobo in the silver guccissima, or the Chain Horsebit Hobo in the beige/ebony GG fabric which white trimming?

    Or....perhaps I should consider both...hehe
  14. I have the same color scheme in a different style and I really like the brown and white together. Both handbags have different functions. So no, your not going overboard.
  15. Thank you everyone for your advice....but I have decided to wait until the next Gucci sale to decide whether or not to get another Gucci. I saw the LV soufflot in ivoire yesterday and I just had to have it, so I really shouldn't pick up another bag. (I know this is a Gucci forum, but I just couldn't resist...come by the LV forum to view pics of my soufflot <-- she's such a pretty girl..... :girlsigh: )