Am I going crazy???

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  1. Someone please go look. When I was compiling the dimensions for IB Mini thread, I saw a YELLOW Love Me Midi. I went back and it wasn't there. Now it's back.

    Does anyone else see it or am I experiencing BE color hallucinations??? :nuts:
  2. Nope, you're not going crazy! I just checked out the website and it's there - yellow love me midi. Are you buying???!!!! It's so pretty!!!!
  3. #3 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    No, you aren't crazy... (unless we both are). I saw a Navy midi IB (no pic yet) there a few days ago and then it disappeared and now it's back again. They must be experimenting with the site.
  4. slsk!!!!!!! :okay: you are so not crazy, it is there and she is a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well, yay! Although after I posted this, I remembered that I saw a pink Love Me on the site this weekend that's now gone.... or at least, I think I saw it.... cue Twilight Zone music...
  6. Sadly, I won't be buying it. I'm plotting an IB next but I think the yellow would be a super fun summer bag in one of the cross body styles.
  7.'re crazy....any other questions????!!!!!! :P
  8. HAHAHA!! I think maybe we're ALL going a little crazy. Tales of new leathers, hints about a soon-to-be-held Sample Sale, all those new things on the website... And Jackie's SO almost ready to have that baby that I haven't pestered her as much as I usually do.
  9. And London Fashion Week!