Am I Going Crazy??!!!!

  1. So I went to a college football game and wanted to take my new Jaune Day since it matched my school "spirited" outfit. Well, of course it starts to rain and I move into a little corner way from my group. I tell them I am a little under the weather and don't want to get sick. Really, I don't want my bag to get wet, which it thankfully didn't. (Perhaps my position of my friend's umbrella directly over my bag instead of head could have given it away?) So what I want to know is this, did I get sick-in the head? :confused1:
  2. I totally understand because I would have done the same thing. Sometimes I don't even take my Bbag out of the car if I think it will get rained on or if where I am going doesn't have a place for me to place it without it getting possibly dirty. I know I am sometimes way too protective but I can not help it. We are both a little crazy...but our bags still look great!:p
  3. LoL, what a cute story!

    Don't worry, I do similar things all the time! When my friends look at me funny I just try to explain how they also wouldn't want anything that is special to them to break or get ruined. I don't think it's crazy at all! The bags are expensive and so special to us, so we treat them accordingly!

    Don't feel like your going crazy!!! :flowers:
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: so true!!
  5. lol- you're not crazy!

    You're protecting an expensive investment!

  6. ITA! :tup: I bring one of my, as my DH would say, less "inferior bags" if I think the day is going to be crappy. We pay so much for them I want them to last a long, long, time! :p
  7. Ooo! You must have gotten caught in the USC rainstorm! I always keep a folded up plastic bag IN my bag just for these occassions.
  8. well, it's always the case for me. when it rains, i carry my bbag under my arm then wear my coat on to cover it, protect my babies. my bf told me that i am over acting and crazy....but as time goes, he knows it wont effect me at all. BBAG FIRST
  9. You are not crazy! People just might think you are...LMAO. I no exactly how you feel. I've even put a bag under my shirt while running to my car on a rainy day. I couldn't even imagine what people are thinking. But, who cares my bags never get wet.
  10. thanks for your support and comfort. :tender:
    ahertz , i was at the 'sc game. and thanks for the idea, i will carry a plastic bag in my bbag. :yes:
  11. only us here at tpf would understand that....these bags (particularly our bbags) are major purchases.....we cant let them get wet just like that!!
  12. You are not going crazy lol!

    Yesterday I carried my new 05 black first and did not even know it will rain in the afternoon. My bf and I were out shopping and they suddenly it started pouring! I freaked out and we obviously don't have any umbrella. So I asked him to go to a store and ask for a plastic bag. LOL. We were both dripping wet but my bbag is unharmed. My bf just couldn't stop shaking his head. :p
  13. I live in San Diego so thankfully we don't get much rain, if we did I would always make sure my precious babies are protected!
  14. I take my black city out rain or shine. The water doesn't affect it at all. I try and shield it a little but I don't go out of my way.
  15. We are all crazy with our BBag loves. I learned the hard way when I took a light blue one to my son's soccer game- I had snack duty which seemed to land directly on my out of place bag-I was so upset. The bag got stained and my DH thought I was nuts to bring it there. Agreed.
    But watching the weather to see which bag gets to go out is nuts. Rain and greasy little hands are a real bummer!