Am I going crazy??

  1. Wasn't there a Eugenie purse in MC too?

    It's not on the website but I'm sure I saw it :confused1:
  2. Don't worry your not going crazy! :upsidedown: *HeHe*

    Yes there was a MC Eugenie on the vuitton website however, according to a lady I spoke to from the 866#, the release date has been delayed for some reason.

    I have no idea why .... maybe somebody else will know more about this.
  3. Yeah, i personally have asked the Customer service too. Just that it's not officially release
  4. That'd be really nice!!
  5. phew thought I was mad for a second I wonder why they delayed it, it looked so pretty any idea when it will be released?
  6. lol i saw it also and loooved it. then it went away lol...
  7. I remember seeing it also
  8. Hmmm... They did have all 3 on Elux awhile back. How could it not have been released?
  9. I never saw it! I bet its gorgeous!
  10. ^ really you missed it oh it's so pretty it has studs all along the flap like the marina shoes
  11. ok i think i am going crazy cause i could've sworn i saw it in the boutique a few months back.
  12. I remember seeing it in Hong Kong...!! But I've seen so many things in Hong Kong I am not 100% sure! Does it have those little studs on it (as in the Rita, Ursula, Marilyn)?
  13. yep i've seen it. not so sure about the vachetta though, it reminds me of the marilyn...i only like it with exotic leather, not the vachetta.
  14. Was it in both white and black?
  15. no you're not going insane i saw it too. I was planning to get one when it came out but.....