Am I getting sick?

  1. Does it happen to you too? I mean, I've always liked bags, but I'm getting OBSESSED with them now.
    I want to buy a Mulberry Bayswater because it's practical, then a Chanel reissue because it's sooo classy, then a LV Damier Speedy because LV can't miss in a collection, then a Gucci to use everyday, then another Burberry to match with my Zara trench for the fall, and a pink bag...I mean, I don't need other bags right now, I've bought the last one back in Feb.
    This would be a problem even if I could afford all of these bags, it's a HUGE problem now that I can't afford them!
    My only consolation is that I'm still young and I hope I'll have many years to buy bags...
  2. Mary, it happens to me all the time. I feel obsessed as well. I don't know what I want, but I know I want it all and now:nuts:. And then when I get it, I want something else. But we are having fun, right??:yahoo:
  3. Oh, and by the way, I want a Bayswater, too:heart:.
  4. You aren't alone; we're on this forum aren't we? (:

    I swear I'm never going to buy another bag but then...well you know...something catches my eye:rolleyes:
  5. --In a word, yes!
    And I do have a Bayswater :p
  6. weelllllllllcome, mwahahhaha........
  7. Of course you aren't getting sick. You just really really really like purses. It is all good. And you are obviously in the right place to share your love!
  8. Your "problem" is the story of my life! LOL!
  9. Yes, you are getting sick...and you'll be sicker before you know it, just like the rest of us! Enjoy!
  10. I wouldn't call it a sickness at all. Many of us are in the same boat and its only going to get worse if you hang around here :p
  11. So true!!:yes:
  12. :yes: I think I'll have to focus on something else, let's say...gardening! I'm joking, and congratulations to all thos who have a Bayswater! Is it very heavy as an everyday bag?
  13. come over to the new mulberry forum and we can all obsess over the bayswater together!!
  14. Join the club! My mom recently told me that she thinks I need help. Yeah, like help buying my next bag!
  15. I feel the same way! My bf thinks I got a serious problem :roflmfao: