am i getting old???

  1. hi guys,

    im fairly new to chanels and have always thought they were very old looking when my mom carried them around but lately...ive found them to be extremely cute (hope this is not a sign of me aging! lol) I really like the classic just cuz its so timeless. but i was wondering if you guys knew if the flap came all the way down or just halfway cuz most that ive seen are half way, but not sure if the flaps that come all the way down have a different name? or are just another variation?

    also - is chanel coming out with the tweed ones this year? they are so cute...i want one! thanks!
  2. You're not getting old!
    Maybe it's tPF that starting to sway your opinion{?} It's swayed mine, that's for sure!
  3. Check celebrities these days. There are lots of Chanels. I think the designer has been around a long time, so that maybe why people say that.
    Chanel is classic, not old. I have a black bag that I know I will be able to carry forever.
  4. lol yeah i definitely agree with you guys...i dont find it old at all now...its more like elegant and classy and with the new design! i love it!
  5. Jacqueline, I know what you mean about the old-looking mentality. I don't think you're getting old. I for one never thought I would like a Chanel. But now I do!! I think the change of heart has everything to do with Chanel's change in its marketing strategy to appeal to the young.
  6. Old!?!?!?! No way...Chanel is timeless, classic and very, very chic. Worth every penny you spend on one. Try the re-issue classic which works well for all ages, dresses up or down and goes everywhere. It's truly beautiful!
  7. But I do remember seeing the black lambskin fanny pack in gold chain someone gave my mom as a gift when I was a kid (that was back when fanny packs were fashionable). I remembered thinking to myself, EWWWW! :Push:

    But alas, I myself have fallen victim to the brand. I :love: it and can't wait until I save enough to get it!
  8. Chanel is timeless! I am forever devoted to their bags, despite sometimes swaying to other labels. But I love Chanel! The classic flap bag goes halfway for the flap. I believe the reissue goes all the way over, but the design is fairly different.
  9. I agree - Chanel is classic, timeless and chic!!! I am a TRULY DEVOTED Chanel lover!!! I own other name brand bags but Chanel is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE!!!! No doubt about it!
  10. it seems like i should head for a re-issue then! but i heard its all sold out - bummer! anyone know where i can hunt one down? or perhaps pre-order? are those a part of their line now of is it just some anniversary collection cuz thats what i saw in some other thread.

    and bluekit - i know exactly how you feel - thats the same reaction i head when i saw my mom's black classic! lol i always said to myself, maybe ill start wearing chanel when im 50...but 30 years ahead of myself!
  11. A re-issue would be a great first bag....especially because it looks so terrific with jeans as well as for going out at night. Don't worry that it's sold out in some stores, the SA may be able to track one down for you. Go to any Chanel boutique and ask the SA if they can locate one...they'll look on their computer and can have it shipped directly to your house!
  12. i have to laugh b/c i remember thinking the exact same thing when i was in my early 20s/ late teens - such a mom bag! but i bought 2 reissues last year and love, love, love them!!! now i'm looking for the classic flap and some other styles as well... maybe just once you get older, you appreciate "the finer things" - quality v. quantity? maybe? not meaning to sound snobbish at all, though...
  13. Chanel Is That Ultimate Classic Beauty...I Love It On All Ages!
  14. I just bought two large Reissues in grey. I got two so I could compare them. Anyways, the one I returned looked fresh and brand new.

    I took it back to the NM store in San Diego on Tuesday night. Ask for Debra--you can even mention that you're looking for the grey reissue that was returned this week. She might remember since she did the return for me. She's not the Chanel specialist, but she's REALLY nice. Their number is 619.692.9100.

    The large is similar in size to a Jumbo flap bag, which I don't think is "huge." I'm able to put in a wallet, sunglasses, keys, and cellphone comfortably in there.

    When I was searching for mine, I also found out that the Nordstrom in Seattle had a medium Reissue in black. Their number is 206.628.2111
  15. When can we ever remove the stigma of 'old' connected with Chanel?? Chanel is timeless.....that's the right description.