Am I getting a little too obsessive? Now I really want ......

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  1. a Paddy!! Om man as if buying 3 Bbags and a LV in less than 3 months isnt enough. Yesterday while shopping there it was looking more beautiful than I imagined:love: , its the dark blue color (see I dont even know the name of the color) Chloe lovers will this pass? :wacko: Or do I just DO IT :amazed: AAHHHH! What to do. Save my tax return or buy this, bag I am (at the moment) obsessed over?
  2. I am absolutely no help...3 Chloe bags this month and another on my mind... Of course, I say go!
  3. I'm no help either. I just barely stopped myself from snapping up the Jeans paddy that was offered here during the weekend.
  4. I say get it!
    I was obsessed over having a paddington, and chose the Dior Gaucho instead, and ever since then i've been having DREAMS about having a paddy. haha.
    My husband said he'd buy me a paddy on vacation (in a few days here) BUT i broke down and bought a beautiful awesome condition tan one from a fellow LVLU member for a great price! ($1100!)
    I couldn't even wait for vacation! It's supposed to be in my hands before i leave. :0)
    SO, in short? GET IT, or you'll just regret it and be obsessing. lol
  5. Thanks girls. So no one has weight issues with you Paddys?
  6. I have... Does my butt look fat next to this Paddy? ;)

    Just kidding. But I'm used to carrying boulders around due to overstuffing of large bags, so the paddy baby seems almost light
  7. Rans: I wouldn't say that. The bag is definitely heavy and I don't carry it on days when I know I'll be out and about for a long period of time. Still, that doesn't stop me from buying and loving the darn things... I just carry them mostly for short trips and to work.
  9. Perja, that is HILARIOUS! Mine may, but I don't think it's the Paddy!!!:lol: Hmm...maybe the big pocket Paddy will make me look small!

    As for the *real* weight issue, I personally did not find this bag to be heavy. I am used to carrying large bags (like the one in my avatar) and even though they weigh next to nothing, somehow a checkbook and lipgloss and all the junk I manage to amass (none of which seems to really weigh anything) seems to add quite a few pounds. So when I got the jeans moyen Paddy it really did not feel heavy to me. But ask me tomorrow when the big pocket arrives! LOL:nuts:
  10. I think a Paddy in dark blue would be gorgeous! I say get it! Immediately if not sooner!:nuts:
  11. Wow! you girls are BAD! and I LOVE IT! :nuts: I feel a new blue Paddy, getting closer and closer to my owning it! Yikes:Push: ! I thought someone would try talking me out of it. What was I thinking?? Wrong forum:P :biggrin:
  12. Ha ha ha! I am feeling the blue Paddy for you, too...and pics for us!:nuts:
  13. I'm joining the enablers here and saying get it :nuts: I had considered selling mine, but then I thought about it and what a great bag it is, and decided not to.

    You won't regret it, the leather is fabulous and it's just a cool-looking bag :love:

    POST PICTURES! :nuts: :P
  14. :nuts: AAAAHH HA!
    you will be living vicariousley through me. I see:biggrin: You know what really sucks?! I want so badly to post pics of me and my bags and I cant get it to work. Our sweet Ayla, does my posting on this forum for me from my e-bay pics. Im dyin' over here!!!!
  15. I'm no help, a few days after I got my first paddy I decided I needed another one :love: