Am I dumb or what?

  1. I just bought a Lv saumur in april this yr and i find it really hard to match with what i wear. I missed the one mth grace to get the bag exchanged and hv been wanting to get rid of it. Now i have a offer to exchange my saumur for a 4 mth old Azur speedy 30. Shld i go for the exchange? My saumur cost abt 400 plus more than the speedy 30 though... Help!!!!
  2. I'd keep the Saumur.
  3. Keep it. I think it looks cute on you. Maybe you should just wear it simply like with a pair of jeans and a cute top just to get use to the style of the bag.:flowers:
  4. I would keep it.
  5. ^^^ITA, keep it!
  6. why not keep it? its a cool bag!
  7. keep it! i have that bag too and i luv it!
  8. keep it, its a lovely bag !
  9. Keep it, I miss mine.:crybaby: But if you think you'll get more use out of the Speedy then exchange it....BTW is it the Mono or Mini Lin Saumur....
  10. No money exchange? Keep it or sell it.
  11. I would keep it! It's lovely!:yes:
  12. i would keep it !
  13. its the mono saumur. somehow i have more uses for speedy than saumur. but i already have a speedy..
  14. Thank you all for yr feedback! but i'm still undecided.. another q, any suggestions on how i should match my saumur to my clothes so my saumur gets to go around town with me.
  15. since u already have a speedy i do think u should keep the saumur :smile:.