Am i dumb or am i dumb??

  1. Im new to handbags but it also highlights how naive i am. I recently bought from eBay because i cannot afford retail, a handbag and after reading on this forum about fakes i feel cheated. On the add it specifically states 100% authentic. I thought eBay removed fake listings.
    I feel so useless right now i could cry.

    I dont want to even tell you what i bought or show you all a photo because i know you will realise how dumb i really am.:sad:
  2. Sorry you feel you might have been cheated - cheer up! Now you will make lots of new purse-crazy friends.

    What doesn't killl us makes us stronger.

    Have you tried checking the eBay forum, ladies there might be able to advise you on whether you can file a paypal dispute?
  3. I'm so sorry you've been cheated. You are not dumb at all. If you don't know, you don't know, it doesn't mean you're dumb. Now you're here you can obsess with the rest of us and keep checking the ebay finds or deals and steals thread and hopefully "bag" yourself a genuine bag you will love and cherish.
  4. Yes, especially if you paid with Paypal, you can get a refund, file in a claim and (maybe) have this dishonest seller get banned from ebay. Go on the Paypal website for all the details. That's your first step. From there, they will let you know what to do.
    You know, even handbag-savvy girls get ripped off sometime. The seller can always send you a bag that is not the one pictured, for example. But don't let that deter you from buying on ebay. I buy almost all my designer bags from ebay. Just submit the link of the bag you want to buy to the 'Authenticate This' section of the forum involved (LV, Chanel, whatever) and asks the girls if it's real. You have thousands of connoisseurs just waiting to help you!!
    Better luck next time!:yes:
  5. Don't worry! Cheer up! I got ripped off with ebay TWICE in fact! And it was really, really unfair because I lost a lot of cash with that.. Anyways! Welcome to the forum!
  6. i just checked again and the seller said the bag is authentic and comes with a money back authenticity and satisfaction guarantee. When i get the bag, should i get in authenticated? does anyone know how one does that? Its a Jimmy Choo Handbag. I also paid through Paypal.
    I guess it doesnt matter if someone has 100% feedback these days? they could still be fakes.
  7. ^ on the ebay forum here there is lots of advice:
    but: if you file a claim with paypal you will need to authenticate the bag - usually in a shop. don't know about jimmy choo.

    you could either contact the seller first and tell them you believe this is fake. or you could open a dispute with paypal straightaway - when you look into your paypal account/ transaction somewhere it should tell you how to open a dispute.

    when I found I had bought a fake i did this: I opened the dispute and then contacted seller. after this was going nowhere I escalated to a claim (recommended by paypal) so that the seller had the funds frozen in their account. i then got the bag authenticated.

    one other issue: when did you buy the bag? there is a time limit for paypal claims.

    have a look at this thread

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  8. I paid for it yesterday. Should i wait for it to arrive and then see?
  9. Sister, if you're dumb, what am I? I have a doctorate and two Master's degrees and I was snookered by a fake Tod's bag for over $400 on eBay when I was just learning about this stuff.

    I for one like it when people post pictures of fakes they've bought by accident because I learn from them.
  10. I am dumb too. I bought a fake Bottega Veneta. I could have bought it at the real store but wanted the allure of getttign a bargain!!!

    Never again. I hate that purse now.

    We have all done it before we fount TPF

  11. Maybe it's not a fake. I have bought 1 Coach satchel, 1 Botkier hobo and 2 Marc by Marc Jacobs over the years from different sellers and every one of them was authentic. I had seen every one of them in real life (IRL) before ordering so when they came in, I knew they were real. It's not hopeless! Good luck.
  12. If you haven't received the bag yet, how do you know it's a fake. It very well could be real.
  13. I hope it's not a fake. But, if it is, the ladies here have given you some really good advice. As far as authenicating the bag, you might check on ? they do authenticate bags from photos... I don't know if they do Choo, but it's worth a look if you get the bag and beleive it to be fake.

    Hugs!:heart: welcome to the forum!
  14. I know you're embarrassed, but someone might be able to help you if you post a link to the auction. Don't feel dumb. A lot of us here have done the same thing. It's an easy mistake to make. :flowers:
  15. Don't feel stupid. We've all been taken at one point or another. (At least most of us I'd guess) That's one reason why I love this forum, you can have bags authenticated and drastically increase your chances of getting an authentic bag in the future. Try not to be too down on yourself. :smile: