Am I doomed??

  1. I keep seeing some beautiful bracelets, bangles, watches, cuffs, etc...But I have freakishly tiny wrists. They are 5.75" in circumference at the bigger part of my wrist wear I would wear them. Does this mean I can never own some pretty Hermes wrist-wear?? :crybaby:
  2. I guess I could always tie a pocket scarf around my wrist...but I'm afraid it will look like a bunched up scrunchie :lol:
  3. I think Johnny Depp rocks this look ~ I may be mistaken though
  4. Fret not, Liz!!! :nuts: :yes: I have tiny wrists too (about your size). For watches, I find those with single tour strap fits well. All I need is one extra hole punched (on the strap) to make it a little smaller.

    For bracelets, this one comes in very small sizes. The very first I tried in my local store is a 14cm :wtf: it's so small that I can't even put it on at all (very rare to find a bracelet that is too SMALL for me, unless it's kids size). The most common size (like the one listed on - 18cm) is definitely too big for me. I ordered one in 16cm, & it fits very nicely on my wrist. Luckily for me, the store ordered a 17cm too & I tried that as well. I must say, 1 cm makes quite a difference as to how well the bracelet fit on my wrist. The 16cm is PERFECTO!!! :smile:
  5. There is one bracelet that runs small. I don't know the name. It has 2 C-shaped closures that slide into each other.
  6. Gigi you are always so helpful!

    Good Luck Liz on your bracelet slim thing you!!!

    Show us what you purchase.
  7. Liz, I have a small wrist too and I can wear the CapeCod double tour watch. You can always have extra holes added to the strap. I think the strap that I have is not even the shortest one available, but I didn't know that at the time I bought the watch. My wrist was a little bigger then too. These days it's even smaller than yours and I can't wear things like the Kelly watch because it just hangs in a funny way on my wrist.
    I know it's frustrating -- just try to remember (I tell myself this a lot), small is beautiful too.
  8. I am the same (5.6") and had resigned myself to never owning a bangle.....until I tried the clic clac pm- PERFECT!!!! Try it on Liz, you'll love it!
  9. ^^I can attest to that!! I have freakishly scrawny arms myself and Rose's bracelet fit like a charm. Rose, do you remember the size and style number? I'd like to order one...BTW Rose, I got a scrumptious box of chocolates today...did you have something to do with that????xxxooo
  10. Rose is right, I am about the same size and the thinner clic clas fits perfectly. Good luck!
  11. Liz,

    Most of the bracelets I've seen come in two sizes, large and small. I am relatively small boned, and I wear the larger size. Any of the leather watches they can put extra holes in the band for you, I'm sure, so don't fret:heart:
  12. My bangle is the clic clac narrow in the pm size........

  13. Hi Liz, I agree with others here about the Clic-H PM bracelet. Because it's oval-shaped, it fits like a cuff for most people but wears like a bangle on me. I have to turn the H back around to the top every now and then, but I LOVE it.