Am I doomed?

  1. I only have a couple of Louis Vuitton items and I purchased them on Elux or my boyfriend bought them for me. So how hard would it be to, say, get a Nimbus bag since I have no relationships with the SA's at the Louis Vuitton here? I am dying for one but I'm afraid I'll be at the bottom of the list since I don't shop at the boutique. And how would I go about getting on the list? :sad:
  2. Just call your local LV & ask, you may be lucky, everyone has to start somewhere! Good luck!
  3. Simply call and talk to them. Despite how it may seem on here, all of us started at some point. Unless you have a parent who has been shopping the same store for years or something, most people don't automatically have a built in relationship with a SA!

    This can be your starting point. :smile:
  4. Call 866! They'll find one for you!!! Good luck!:p
  5. I know a guy at the Seattle LV if you want one. Pm me!
  6. IMO, once you get a Nimbus, you're "in." :smile: Good luck!
  7. 866 are taking waitlist for Olympe line, I put my name there as local LV already sold out, and don't except another s&h :crybaby:
  8. It really depends on the store. If your local LV boutique is the non-busy type, then you may be able to get the Nimbus instantly. However, if the store is a big one, then there might be a long waitlist. Just be friendly and ask the SA several questions to show your STRONG interest in the bag. When an SA sees that you're more 'desperate', they'll think that you'll be a more likely customer to actually make the purchase and might bump you up the waitlist:yes: Good luck!
  9. call 866 or go to your store or call any store and leave ur CC # and they know its an automatic sale, they wont care lol
  10. Call the MN LV @ Macys. We have one and love a sale!!!
  11. Good luck- let us know if you score one!
  12. I say show up at the store and show interest + leave CC will probably work! Good luck!
  13. Good luck!!!!!!
  14. I agree start by calling 866-VUITTON, if they seem unhelpful or say that the lists are closed go to and start callng stores directly. This is how I got my Kirsten, and it worked for me. You have to be patient, but in the end it is worth it! Good Luck! Just be aware that some of the larger busier stores phones ring directly back to the 866, so it is trial and error to find the stores that you can reach directly.
  15. Good luck! Just go in and see. I really hope they have it for you, you seem like you really want this bag! Just be really nice and I'm sure they'll help you as much as they can.