am i doing the right thing?

  1. I've never bought anything as expensive or out there as the rouille first for 850, and I mainly wear blacks, navys, and greys. Should I go through with this? Or should I just go with a safe brown and thats the end of it?
  2. Hey Aarti..

    i think red will go really well w/ dark colors, AND light colors... It'll give it a POP to your darker outfits!!! I'm thinking of a redish bag now... missing some colors!!
  3. go with rouille....the colour will go well with your wardrobe ...You already have a grey bbag...why not try one with a bright color! I think brown is safe..but it's boring though.
  4. The first person I knew IRL that carried a Balenciaga had a deep red one and she wore jeans and different colored tops...all the time. Her bag looked great with her wardrobe. It just seemed like no matter what color she was wearing her bag looked fabulous.

    I think that the "red" would be beautiful with your neutral wardrobe. I would DEFINITELY get the rouille.
  5. Go for the Rouille!!! I KNOW you won't be disappointed!!!
  6. Go for the Rouille!!! Don't be nervous. It's a beautiful color that will complement so much of what you wear. I wear mine with black, brown, green, blue, red, solids, prints, jeans, skirts, big boots, little pumps -- it always looks great and jazzy, but not too flashy. It just OOZES wow factor. You won't be disappointed.
  7. Rouille!!! You'll be kicking yourself if you don't get it!!! :yes: It's one of the most fabulous Balenciaga colours, IMO. It looks so different under different lights and matches with pretty much everything ;)
  8. do eet!!:choochoo:
  9. My wardrobe consists mainly of black, navy, chocolate brown and charcoal grey. The rouille looks GREAT with those colors. It's a nice pop of "warm" color without being too over the top. I love the color!
  10. okay girls thanks for the push! I'm about to send payment!!
  11. thats a really good choice aarti i think ur gonna love it
  12. cant thank you enough girls!!
  13. Off topic but Angelie...I LOVE your avatar pic! Hilarious and adorable

    Another vote for won't regret it...can't wait to see pics!
  14. yaaaaaaaaaaaay, you made the right choice sweetie, it's such a gorgeous bag & i'm still kicking myself over selling mine :noggin:
  15. ^^ ditto!!! :tender: