Am I doing the right thing about this purchase?

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  1. Hi there!

    Just wanted some opinions and feedbacks...

    I received the LV Tivoli GM today and when I opened it to wasn't exactly as described.

    Here is the what the seller said in her description listing:
    "This large handbag (nearly 18" long and 9.5" high) was purchased from Neiman Marcus in December of 2010. I just recently started carrying it and it looks brand new! The handles where I have carried it are a bit darker and I have tried to show you in one of the pictures but it is hardly noticeable. The inside of the bag is also in great shape with just a few small marks."

    When you read this as a buyer, I understood it as gently used item, handles are slightly patina, and a few marks in the interior. I didn't expect to see scuff marks at all the exterior pipe linings, the adjustable handles area, and some white marks on the sides of the bag too.

    "And it looks brand new" is so misleading a buyer!

    I've never had problems with ebay transactions before since I usually do my research. I look at the sellers track record etc. This seller has a 500+ score of 100% feedback!

    So I contacted the seller and she still insists there are NO scuff marks. I sent it back to her for a refund.

    I should be getting a full refund (item + shipping) since I paid through paypal??? Should I also be requesting a refund on the shipping I forked in to send it back???

    The amount that I paid with the taxes/duties when I got the item and to find out it was in a condition that was not accurately described was so disappointing!

    I think I learned my lesson too! I have to ask the seller like a hawk about the item!

    Any of you have similar experiences?

    Do you feel like you lost your confidence in purchasing from Ebay?

    Maybe I should have just went to the LV store and pay full price instead of getting a headache...cause I was only saving $200 at most...and I thought it was in good condition so it would be worth it.

    And I just bought another bag (miu miu) through Ebay this morning before this happened...sigh...
  2. Yes, many people have had the same problem you had - that is probably why ebay tends to favour buyers in SNAD cases. Unfortunately there is not much you can do to protect yourself against underdisclosing. It is pretty easy to take photos that underplay the flaws and even easier to lie about them. There are many ethical sellers who don't do this and are very forthcoming and honest in their descriptions so hopefully your miu miu seller will be one of those.

    You should reasonably expect to be reimbursed the purchase price and original shipping. Return shipping is generally paid for by the buyer. With respect to taxes/duties, you should be able to apply to your government to have these refunded.
  3. I didn't think about the govt refund! Thanks northerndancer for the advice! It was just my unlucky purchase and hope for the best next time.
  4. Here are some of the flaws omitted from the seller:






  5. That is not like new in any way! Don't feel bad for sending it back, she should have listed photos showing all of the flaws. That description is very misleading!
  6. oh my, that's misleading indeed. definitely send it back for refund
    saving $200 is not enough for its condition...
    hope it works out for you :smile:
  7. You should also leave negative feedback. Those flaws are in NO WAY "hardly noticeable" or representative of a bag that's "brand new".
    She is either delusional or deliberately misrepresented the bag.

    You'll be helping future buyers.
  8. I will see how she responds back when she gets the item. She insists there are no other flaws except the handles and marks in the interior. Quite rude in her tone of replies!

    I've never left a negative feedback to a seller before. If I leave a negative. Does the seller leave a negative? How does that work?

    I was shell-shocked to see it in that condition! I'm sure all ebay buyers have had these emotional meltdown when you are patiently waiting for your baby to arrive and open it to see...ugh!

    Thanks to all for support! I will update!
  9. Sellers cannot leave a negative for a buyer.
  10. I was just wondering if you had to open a SNAD for this or did the seller agree to let you return it? If it was a SNAD and the seller still denies the flaws, then I would leave Neg FB only after the refund has been issued to you.
  11. IMO, you can see the darkness on the piping from the photos in the listing. Considering the vague way that the seller describes the bag, I probably would have asked for more photos / information first.

    BUT, the seller has a 14 day return policy, so you returning it shouldn't be an issue. Was the seller saying that she wouldn't accept a return?
  12. The white marks on the bag can be easily removed with a baby wipe as I have done that on many many lv bags. The piping however is very scuffed and a total oversight on the sellers part. the marks where the handles meet the brass is normal wear for this bag however her description of "looks like new" obviously was from someone that does not closely inspect a bag and thinks new equates to no damage present.

    I posted some pics of some white marks I removed from a tivoli pm the other night for reference
    image-4096249590.jpg image-3025376458.jpg image-2614326727.jpg
  13. You did right thing, hope everything works out for you.
  14. I would definitely return the bag. It's not in a "like new" condition and regardless if the scuff mark were erasable or not, it should of being mentioned. If you were to clean the bag yourself, you wouldn't be able to return it. Hope you get your refund.
  15. Would leave feedback that perhaps potential buyers should ask for more close up/clearer photos

    & you should get back your original shipping... some sellers will be gracious

    when they know it is an error on their part, but most don't refund return shipping..

    it doesn't hurt to ask though..