Am I Delusional? Need Your Help/Opinion...

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  1. Ladies, am I delusional for hoping, praying, that I will be able to find this bag somewhere?

    I know that it's a really long shot that I find this bag, but I have been wanting it for so long. When I saw it in the store I was not ready to buy it, but then it went on sale, and I can no longer find it. The bag is from last year. :crybaby:

    I have been searching eBay regularly and have yet to see one.

    Secondly, do anyone of you know what the style number is for this bag so I can at least see if they can do a search to locate it? All I know is that it's a medium Boston bag in mandarin horsebit leather.

  2. I would try the outlets. Sorry, I don't know the style number.
  3. It will probably eventually show up on Ebay, but then just be careful who you buy it from - although I don't know that they would fake that color/style.

    Sry. good luck!