Am I creating a monster?

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  1. I have a 7 years old cuttie pie, I adore her and she is the reason of my life. Recently, I started buying designer clothes & accesories for her. Ex. Dolce & Gabbana shoes, 7 for all mankind jeans and a little Coach handbag. :s she is pretty aware of what mom wears ( I wear Chanel, Gucci etc.) It's funny because now when she goes with her Dad shopping for me, she demands Gucci or Chanel for Mom!:rolleyes: (of course Dad does not like the idea so much). She even recognizes the packaging! The other days we went to a "designer brands for less" store, she was pointing at the jewelry counter and she goes: "Mommy there is a Gucci watch in there" and I go: "Honey they don't sell those things here" and she goes "mommy look!, mommy, Look" and there it was: A gucci watch! :roflmfao: ...seriously, Am I creating a monster here?
  2. Personally, it depends on whether you are proud your daughter recognizes those brand names and wants you (or herself) to wear them, or don't care much. From the rest of your post it sounds like you're a little proud of the fact.
    You're the parent. Whether you 'create a monster' or not depends entirely on you!
  3. If I had a daughter I probably would do the same thing, however, she would know that not everything is handed to her on a silver platter. If she wanted something special she would have to work for it ie: helping Mom around the kitchen, good grades etc. and know what it means to work for something you want. I would not want to be raising a snob to look down on other children because they don't have designer apparel or accessories. If that were to ever happen all those nice things would be given away to the needy.
    Its a tough one. We want our children to have nice things but we also need to instill values as well.:flowers:
  4. I think it says a lot that you're aware of the possibility of creating a monster. Hopefully you'll be able to counteract spoiling her with instilling some good values!
  5. I reckon that if it goes into an extreme case, then yes.. I think that children (myself included..i'm 17 and studying in college) should know and recognise that branded clothes/material is not everything in life. Also, they've got to know that money is not easy to earn, and that branded items from their parents are a privellege, not a right. Hope this helps. Remember: spare the rod, and spoil the child.
  6. I appreciate all your comments. However you a re missing some important information here. My daughter is a good girl. She attends to a very strict school. Always gets A+. When I reward her for good grades is never with clothing but with a good book, a trip to the movies or to the ice cream store. I always let her know about how lucky she is and that some other kids don't have what she does. The clothing thing is not in recognizition for anything. I just go shopping with her and happen to buy very expensive stuff :shrugs:
  7. No, i don't think you are creating a monster. I dream of one day spoiling a little girl with designer things as well. I think it is cute for her to love designers at such a young age. She will be an expert when she grows up!
  8. aww she sounds adorable!! I will definantely dress up my child in designers, probably not at that young age, and in those designers, but I definantely will!!.. hahaha this made my day! and you are definantely not creating a monster, she sounds gorgeaus!
  9. I don't think it is a problem if she sees you spending a lot of money on clothes, but if that is all she sees you do it might be. Do you work? Maybe you could take her with you some time to try to instill in her the importance of working hard to be able to afford such things. If you stay at home with her, it would be good for the two of you to do some sort of charity work together.
  10. I do work and I also go to school to get my masters in BA. She knows that if Mom and Dad don't work "party it's over" :smile:
  11. As long as she knows that hard work leads to the things you buy, I think she will be fine. Sounds like she has a great role model! And fashion model. :biggrin:
  12. I think it's great to educate anyone's eye to good design in any form, but good design comes in all price ranges, and not all "designer" is good design-I hope she learns all about savvy shopping from her chic mother, learns how to dress well on a budget, when she's on her own and makes good choices she'll have you to thank!
  13. Awww!!!! I wish i had a daughter.I would do the same thing too.But I have a son whose 7 and i buy him designer stuff too like Ralph Lauren,Lacoste,etc.But i also get him things from Target and places like that.But when we go to designer stores he doesnt get excited he doesnt care until we go shoe shopping and its Nike Nike Nike or Ralph Lauren or Lacoste .Im glad he's doesnt care if its designer or not.He's a lil kid and they grow out of that stuff sooo fast.So maybe you shouldn't buy so many designer things for her because i know they cost a pretty penny.I know she loves them but she is going to grow so quickly out of it.
  14. ITA!
  15. If you're not sure, maybe make her earn some of the things you get for her. (Like, if she doesn't do well on a particular test, don't get her the thing you promised her.)

    Like other people said, it's a good thing that you're worried about it. There's so much less of a risk of her turning into one of those My Super Sweet 16 brats.