Am I crazy?

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  1. For wanting the neverfull gm in azur in rb and only being 5 foot? I have a 1 year old and all my bags are mm size and always want just a little more room for our stuff. Or do I go with the delightful mm which is bigger then the neverfull mm but smaller then the gm???
  2. I'm 5 ft 1 and I carry a GM. I use it mostly for travel or for days when I have a lot of crap to carry. I have three little kids and sometimes need extra room. I also carry it cinched sometimes when I am in the mood. Do it [emoji106]
  3. Also want to add I have an old model delightful mm and a new model DE mm delightful and a NF MM and I still "needed" the GM. It seriously is the best for travel.

  4. Thanks! I also feel like I have plenty of other smaller bags of I wanted to switch but I feel like in the summer especially you need extra things like sunscreen and water all the time and a sweater if your out later etc. right now I only have one lo that's 1 but I plan to have a second so it will still get used. I may be crazy for wanting azur but I don't have one and I can't resist this new rb interior!! Maybe a bag organizer will help
  5. You've been going back and forth on size for quite a while right?! I have 3 NF's MM, NF GM, Delightful MM and GM. I'm 5'6 and feel the NF GM is too big for everyday. I choose my Delightful GM for travel because it's so much more comfortable due to the strap. The NF GM is not comfortable when full. IMO the GM will be too big for you but that being said if you feel that you really need the space get can always sell it if it doesn't work. I have only held onto mine because it's the old model and I paid so much less than what they cost now. I love the MM's a great bag for everyday. Have you tried the GM on? Only you can decide what you want/need...trying on with your things inside is really the only way you will know for sure.

  6. Yes I have been going back and forth. I more so want it as my bag for mine and my kids stuff and the mm just can't accommodate all of it. The delightful doesn't come in gm in the azur and I only want the azur.
  7. Well, then you have your answer! Like I said, you can always sell if it doesn't work out...with such a popular bag you won't have any problems.
  8. Hi there! I'm 5'2 I have a MM and want a GM too.
    Here's Heyyyjune who is petit 5 foot I think with hers:smile: Skip to the end if you don't want to see the whole videoooo
  9. Honestly, I never got the height:bag size ratio. I think in the end it boils down to how much you carry or need to carry, whether it be a small or large bag.

    Get the GM if it makes you happy! :smile:
  10. I am 5'2" and I find the GM too big for me BUT if you need the room, then get it! I truly believe our bags need to change based on what's happening in our lives and if a GM is what you need right now, then go for it! You can always sell it down the road if you find it no longer works. NF has a pretty good resale value.
  11. I don't think the GM looks crazy on someone your height. Have you seen Lux_Mommy's YT video comparing the MM and GM? She's petite and the GM looks great on her. I say if you need the room, then get it!
  12. I have the OM Delightful MM and a NM MM in DE but still find that the NF GM is best suited as either a book bag or travel tote...I definitely think it's too big to be used as a purse though unless you either carry a lot of things, have an organizer, or have the side straps cinched in. Size wise for height I can easily pull it off as I'm 5'9 without heels but my mom is 5'0 and feels absolutely swamped by it, even with the sides tucked in.
  13. Not crazy at all ! I am 5'1 and carry a on mono nf gm . I usually cinch the sides in . When I travel I leave them open for more space . If you have a one year old , I think the extra room will come in handy :smile: I have seen a few petite women when I am out and about with the GM and I think it looks great . GL
  14. I'm the same height. I just bought the GM. I'm finishing up business school and going on to law school. There comes a point where not everything fits in the Palermo GM. You just gotta get what will work for you.
  15. You're not crazy. I see lots of moms with a gm nf. If you think it would work for you, get it! Sometimes we need the extra space in our bags, I swear my bag is 90% full of my daughter's stuff.
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