Am I crazy?

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  1. Does anyone here have bags that they bought months ago that they haven't used yet - that are still with their tags on? i think i should just return it, but i really love/loved it. But I am wondering... I haven't used it yet, so should I just return it? I was getting ready to do that, but then... i was worried i would regret it if i returned it. does anyone else out there ever go through this dillemma? If so, what do you do?
  2. yes! i'm going thru this EXACT thing! bags that i LOVE(D) but have had them for months and haven't used them. 5 bags to be exact ... i'm bringing them back to return tomorrow- that like $1200 of bags that i could put towards things i'll use!
  3. i think part of it is because of coach's very generous return policy (no limit just keep tags and receipt)... anyways, let me know if you end up returning it. i am still worried i will regret it, so i am still sitting on the decision.
  4. Happens to me all the time. I tend to hold on to them for a few months to see if I still like them then. I have taken bags back because I haven't used them, then regretted it, and was only able to get it again on one of the auction sites, or not at all. :rolleyes::true:
  5. Welcome to my world......:P
  6. I am at 5 NWT bags right now...
  7. I am the opposite... I use my new bag right after I purchase it. Which isn't really a good thing because then there is no way you can return it and get your $$ back! I consider having the bags NWT kind of a good thing if it means potential money back in your pocket!!!
  8. Not crazy, I think that's a great thing. When I get a new bag, I'm always too excited and must use it right away. Sometimes I find myself wishing I could return a bag, but of course it's too late because I've already used it.
  9. Some of mine sit NWT until I gather the matching accessories to use with them (if I've determined that I need it..) and then I put them into rotation.
  10. me too! lol!!!
    and that's only my coach!
    i have 4 NWT Rebecca minkoff and 2 nwt Treesje!
  11. As of now, I only have 1 bag that is NWT in my closet. I bought it in December but it's going to be my summer bag so it's waiting for it's turn!
  12. I have a few NWT bags in the closet, but I've pared it down to the ones I know I'll use eventually (when I stop buying more new bags, lol). I had several more that I decided I wouldn't use so I returned them, and then of course used that money to buy new bags. If you really love it and you're not sure, I'd wait a bit, I felt that way about one bag I returned and I still regret it.
  13. Right now I have three 3 NWT...but I'm not big on returning, I fear the "letter"

    I sometimes buy purses that are "seasonal" and a bag that is seasonal may sit for a good long while. I have no problem keeping things new until the right time. Everything for a reason, you know?
  14. I have 5 too

    Bordeaux Kira
    Linen Op Art Sabrina
    Embossed Python Darcy
    Fawn Patent Editorial Zoe
    Green Croc Garnet

    I also have Michael Kors Hamilton tote. I love them all and have no intention of parting with any of them!
  15. No your not crazy, I do it too! :smile: