Am i crazy ??

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Should i ??

  1. Get the black reissue though u already have 2 reissues in grey and white !

  2. Get the classic flap with interlocking CC which is something different from my collection.

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  1. Hi all.

    I m in a dilemma here!!

    I wanna get my 3rd flap bag and i already have 2 reissues. (1 in matte white with black hw (227) and the other in matt grey (226) )

    And i m still thinking of getting the black with gold hardware reissue in size 225!!!

    I don't have any classic flap at the moment.

    My question is. Should i go ahead to buy the reissue black (then i would have 3 reissues in total), or should i get something different , like the classic interlocking CC instead?

    Thanks all !! :heart: :heart:
  2. If you love the reissue go ahead with that! Though I personally love those interlocking C's, they're so classic and chic.
  3. Although I voted for the classic flap, I feel that you should go ahead and get the reissue if you really love it. If not, after buying the classic flap, you still won't feel satisfied and still long for a reissue and may end up buying a fourth flap. ;)
  4. I say go for the reissue. You can get a classic flap anytime. They're always out there.:smile:
  5. That alone makes me say go with the black reissue. Dont try to make sense of the madness either. There really is no rhyme or reason to it! Go with your heart!:tup:

    PS, sounds to me like you do need a black reissue !
  6. I don't think it matters if you have three reissues... they're all different sizes and colors! :smile: It seems like you might want to buy a classic flap just because you think you should have one... but go with your heart... you'll be happier in the end! :smile: Plus, I think you'll want the reissue even if you get the classic flap haha. :P
  7. You need a black reissue! LOL! The matte black vintage calfskin leather is so gorgeous on this bag. If I could, I would buy every possible bag made in this particular leather. Buy the style that makes your heart sing. Don't just buy a classic flap to add diversity to your collection. :smile:
  8. Yep!
  9. My thoughts are the same. After buying 2 interlocking "C"s, I thought it was time to add a reissue to my collection...yet instead I bought 4 more interlocking "C"s.

    Stick to what you love.
  10. I bought my classic jumbo caviar because I thought I should have one; it is a classic after all.
    It is the one that gets used the least (10x in 2 years, if that), and only because I feel bad owning it without using it. I only found it minimally attractive when I purchased it & thought it would grow on me, but it still hasn't. In retrospect, it was a waste of $$$.
    (Although, I do get compliments when i use it. But I still don't like it.)
  11. ^Aww, you should sell it to fund a bag you love! :smile:
  12. gof or what you love.. i like to mix it up but to each thier own you know.. or get a reissue and classic hehehee
  13. Don't think u need a 3rd reissue.....i wuld encourage u to get ur 1st classic flap since u do not have one in ur current collection!!~
  14. WHoa tough decision, but i agree to buying what you truly love.

    I love the classic flaps, though i have thoughts of buying reissue, but ended up, I'm still buying classic flaps.

    You can get the matte black reissue, after that you can always look into classic flaps anytime :smile:

    so your future collection will be
    1. matte white reissue 227
    2. matte grey reissue 226
    3. matte black reissue 225

    Fabulous collection, all 3 are beautiful/versatile, and you have all in different sizes. :smile:
  15. I didn't think I would love the reissue until I got my patent navy. Since then, that bag has been my personal fav...even more so than the 07 red classic with bijoux chain.